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大批委内瑞拉难民涌入巴西 引恐慌

An increasing number of Venezuelans have moved out of the country recently. They are seeking to escape economic hardship and high crime rates in their homeland.

Many of those Venezuelans are migrating to Brazil. One of them is Victor Rivera, a 36-year-old unemployed bakery worker. In August, Rivera left his home in northern Venezuela. He made the two-day trip across the countryside to Boa Vista, a city in the Brazilian state of Roraima.

Few jobs can be found in Boa Vista, but Rivera finds his job prospects there more appealing than in his hometown. He says his six children often go hungry, as food in stores is in increasingly short supply.

"I see no future in Venezuela," said Rivera.

The once-wealthy nation is now struggling with a recession, widespread unemployment, shortages of supplies and high inflation.

And at least 125 people died this year in clashes among government opponents, supporters and police.

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