Matador Dies at Spanish Bullfight
2016-07-11 20:58:08

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A Spanish bullfighter died for the first time in over 30 years and several people were injured throughout Spain at bullfighting festivals.(2)
西班牙斗牛士死了 30 多年来第一次,几个人受伤整个西班牙斗牛节日。

Victor Barrio was a professional bullfighter, a in the Spanish language. He died after being injured by a bull’s horn on Saturday.(3)
维克托 · 巴里奥是一个专业的斗牛士,在西班牙语中。他一头公牛角上周六被伤后死亡。

He was participating in a bullfight in Teruel, a small town east of Madrid. Barrio was 29.(4)
他正在参加斗牛萨拉戈萨,马德里东郊的一个小镇。萨莉是 29。

The bull weighed over 500 kilograms. Barrio was struck in the chest by the bull’s horn during the fight.(5)
公牛体重超过 500 公斤。巴里奥被击中胸部由牛的角,在战斗期间。

At the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, two Spanish men were seriously injured by a bull’s horns and three others hurt their heads after falling.(6)

Pamplona is a small city in northeastern Spain.(7)

It is a popular destination for tourists who come to run through the streets with the bulls. Later in the day, the bulls are in bullfights.(8)

People dress in white clothing with red belts and scarves.(9)

They try to run close enough to the bulls to feel scared, but not so close that they get injured.(10)

The death of the bullfighter and the other injuries prompted numerous comments on social media sites.(11)

Some people expressed their sympathy for the matador.(12)

But many others used the news of the death and injuries to say that bullfighting is a cruel sport.(13)

One person reminded us of the saying: “you mess with the bull, you get the horns.”(14)
One person reminded us of the saying:"你跟公牛,你得角"。

Another suggested that the death of the matador will help end the “supposed sport.”(15)

Others reacted to the news that according to tradition, if a bull kills a matador, the bull and its mother will be killed to eliminate the bloodline.(16)

One Twitter user called that “the dumbest thing ever.”(17)
有一个 Twitter 用户称"最愚蠢的事情过"。

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