Jaguar Killed After Olympic Torch Presentation
2016-06-22 21:01:52

This is What’s Trending Today:(1)
This is What’s Trending Today:

A jaguar was killed in Brazil on Monday after it got out of its leash.(2)

Earlier in the day it was shown off during an Olympic torch ceremony in the city of Manaus.(3)

The mascot of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is a cartoon-style jaguar.(4)

A person wearing a jaguar costume appears at many of the pre-Olympic events.(5)

The Rio 2016 organizing committee apologized for using a chained-up wild animal alongside the Olympic torch.(6)
里约 2016年组委会道歉,因为使用与奥运火炬一起锁起来野生动物。

“We made a mistake … this image goes against our beliefs and our values,” the organizers wrote in a statement.(7)

Jaguars are extinct in two South American countries and are in danger of disappearing in Brazil. The jaguar’s name was Juma.(8)

Many animal-rights supporters were upset that the big cat was killed.(9)

The Brazilian army said the animal was first shot with a tranquilizer dart, but still walked toward a soldier.(10)

One animal rights group asked: “when will people stop with this sick need to show power?”(11)
One animal rights group asked:"人与这个病需要显示力量何时止?"

The use of the jaguar at the event was also illegal.(12)

A government authority that oversees the use of wild animals said no request was made to use the jaguar at the event.(13)

Many people reacted to the jaguar’s death on social media. It reminded people of some recent animal deaths.(14)

In late May, a gorilla was killed in the U.S. state of Ohio after a boy climbed into the animal’s enclosure at the zoo in Cincinnati.(15)

More recently, five alligators were killed at Disney World in Florida. Authorities were looking for the alligator that drowned a small boy.(16)

Last year, people were upset when a protected lion named Cecil was killed in Africa by an American hunter.(17)
去年,人生气,当受保护的狮子名叫塞西尔 · 由美国猎人在非洲中身亡。

The death of the jaguar is only the latest problem leading up to the Rio Olympics.(18)

The Olympic organizing committee has been dealing with a number of problems.(19)

Athletes are concerned about raw sewage leaks at open water venues for sailing and swimming.(20)

Many are worried about mosquitos carrying the Zika virus.(21)
许多人担心蚊子携带 Zika 病毒。

Rory McIlroy, the champion Irish golfer, announced on Wednesday that he would not compete at the Olympics due to concerns about Zika.(22)
罗里 · 麦克罗伊,冠军的爱尔兰球手,周三宣布,他将不会参加奥运会因 Zika 担忧。

The Games begin August 5. And that’s What’s Trending Today. I’m Dan Friedell.(23)
在北京奥运会 8 月 5 日。而这正是今天的趋势是什么。我是丹 Friedell。

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