American Lawmakers Concerned about Cyber Attacks
2013-03-22 20:53:25

From VOA Learning English, this is the TECHNOLOGY REPORT in Special English.(1)

The head of an American congressional committee recently expressed concern about the threat of cyber attacks from China, Iran and other countries.(2)
美国国会委员会负责人最近对从中国、 伊朗和其他国家的网络攻击威胁表示关切。

Michael McCaul spoke at a meeting of the House of Representatives’ Homeland Security Committee.(3)
迈克尔 · 考尔在众议院国土安全委员会的会议上发言。

Congressman McCaul compared the threat from cyber attacks to the terrorist threat faced by the United States on September 11, 2001. But he added that this time the nation knows about the threat and is taking steps to fight it.(4)
国会议员考尔相比于 2001 年 9 月 11 日美国所面临的恐怖主义威胁从网络攻击的威胁。但他补充说这次国家知道威胁正在采取步骤,打击它。

“We know that foreign nations are conducting reconnaissance on our utilities. They are penetrating our gas and water systems and also our energy grids.(5)

And if the ability to send a silent attack through our digital networks falls into our enemies’ hands, this country could be the victim of a devastating attack.(6)

Yet, while threats are imminent, no major cyber security legislation has been enacted since 2003.”(7)
然而,虽然威胁迫在眉睫,但没有重大网络安全立法已经颁布自 2003 年以来。"

Several other lawmakers expressed concern about reports that China is to blame for most attacks against American computers and computer networks.(8)

Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Jane Lute told the committee that the Obama administration believes the attacks are an important issue.(9)

“We have raised this issue of the attacks that are emanating from actors in China, with Chinese authorities.(10)

We’ve called on them to acknowledge it, take it seriously, understand it, to investigate it and stop it, and to work with us in creating broad norms of responsible cyber behavior.”(11)
我们已经要求他们承认它、 认真的对待它,了解它,对它进行调查和停止它,并与我们建立广泛的负责任的网络行为规范工作"。

President Obama told ABC News last Tuesday that there has been a steady increase in the threat to cyber security from other nations and from criminals.(12)
主席奧巴馬告诉 ABC 新闻上周二一直稳步增加对网络安全的威胁来自其他国家和罪犯。

He said the United States has taken part in what he called “tough talk” with China and other nations.(13)

Last week, a Chinese foreign ministry official said China is open to talks. But the official said China is a victim, and not responsible for computer crimes.(14)
上周,中国外交部官员说: 中国是开放的会谈。但这位官员说,中国是一个受害者,和不负责的计算机犯罪。

In February, President Obama signed an executive order dealing with cyber security. The order directs American agencies to improve information sharing on cyber threats.(15)
2 月,总统奧巴馬签署行政命令处理与网络安全。该命令指示美国的机构,以改善信息共享的网络威胁。

However, such orders do not carry the power of law.(16)

A Senate bill on cyber security last year failed to get enough votes to pass. Some business groups and privacy rights activists expressed opposition to the measure.(17)

A new cyber security bill has been introduced in the House.(18)
房子推出了新的网络安全条例草案 》。

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, spoke to Senators last week about cyber attacks.(19)
国家情报总监詹姆斯 · 克拉珀,谈到参议员上周网上袭击。

He noted that America’s biggest national security threat could come now from a computer keyboard instead of a terrorist bomb.(20)

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