Pipeline Protesters Cheer In North Dakota
2016-12-05 21:10:51

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The United States Army Corps of Engineers has denied a permit that would be needed to complete a major oil pipeline under the Missouri River.(2)

The announcement on Sunday ended a tense situation between the U.S. government and several thousand people.(3)

They had set up a protest camp on federal land in North Dakota.(4)

For months, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been leading demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline project.(5)

The tribe says the pipeline would affect its drinking water supply and destroy its holy places.(6)

The Corps of Engineers is responsible for studying and approving permits for all water crossings nationwide.(7)

In North Dakota, protesters are celebrating the federal agency’s decision.(8)

Many people who followed the story on social media also are celebrating.(9)

They posted articles and videos about the news on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.(10)
他们在 Facebook 和 Twitter 等社交媒体网站上张贴的文章和新闻视频。

“North Dakota,” “Dakota Access Pipeline” and “Army Corps of Engineers” were all trending topics on Sunday and Monday.(11)

Some news media produced videos of tribe members cheering when they heard the news.(12)

Corry Westbrook is an environmental activist in Florida. She called the agency’s decision “great and wonderful news” in her Facebook post.(13)
柯威斯布鲁克是在佛罗里达州的环保主义者。她称在她的 facebook 的"伟大而精彩新闻"原子能机构的决定。

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted that the protesters “showed the importance of standing together against injustice.”(14)

Members of the tribe started protesting in late July after the Corps of Engineers approved the final land easements and crossing of the Missouri River.(15)
部落的成员开始在兵团批准最终土地地役权和密苏里河过境后的 7 月下旬举行抗议。

The river feeds a nearby, man-made lake, which is used to collect drinking water.(16)

The pipeline is designed to bring oil over 1,800 kilometers from western North Dakota to oil processing centers in southern Illinois.(17)
管道,旨在使石油超过 1,800 公里从北达科他州西部石油加工中心在伊利诺伊州南部。

The Army Corps of Engineers controls the land along the way close to the tribe’s reservation.(18)

The crowd of protesters grew over time.(19)

At one point, protesters fought with police who tried to break up the crowd by firing tear gas, rubber bullets and a water cannon.(20)
此时,抗议者与警察试图驱散人群发射催泪瓦斯、 橡皮子弹和高压水枪战斗。

Even with the arrival of cold weather, the number of protesters grew.(21)

They were joined last week by thousands of U.S. military veterans who offered their support by building temporary shelters.(22)

The Corps of Engineers said on Sunday it will work with Energy Transfer, the company responsible for building the pipeline, to find another way to cross the lake.(23)

But Energy Transfer said the decision is only a delay and it plans to finish the project without changing the direction of the pipeline.(24)

That means some of the protesters will be back.(25)

Many people warned that work on the pipeline could begin again in early 2017 once Donald Trump is sworn-in as president.(26)
很多人警告了管道工作可以再次开始在早期 2017 年一旦唐纳德 · 特朗普是在宣誓就任总统。

A Trump aide says the president-elect will “support construction” of the pipeline and will consider the project once in office.(27)

And that’s What’s Trending Today. I’m Dan Friedell.(28)
而这正是今天的趋势是什么。我是丹 Friedell。

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