Uber Asks NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars
2017-02-07 21:45:35

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Flying cars may soon become a reality.(2)

The rideshare service Uber has asked an expert from NASA, the American space agency, to help the company develop cars that can fly.(3)

NASA engineer Mark Moore will work on the Uber Elevate project, Bloomberg Technology reported.(4)
美国国家航空航天局工程师马克 · 摩尔将超级提升项目,工作彭博技术报告。

The Bloomberg show said the project aims to support other businesses that are developing flying vehicles as well.(5)

Last October, Uber announced plans to use flying vehicles in the future to avoid traffic in and around cities.(6)
去年 10 月,超级宣布计划在未来使用飞行的交通工具,以避免交通及周边城市。

The company wants to use small, fully electric aircraft that could take off and land like a helicopter.(7)
公司要用小、 全电动飞机可以起飞和土地像直升机一样。

Uber said its flying vehicles would be much quieter, cost less to operate and produce less pollution than helicopters.(8)

Moore has worked at the space agency for 30 years.(9)
摩尔在空间机构工作 30 年。

His research has dealt mainly with vertical takeoff and landing vehicles – the kind of vehicle Uber now hopes to develop.(10)
他的研究主要涉及垂直起飞,着陆车辆 — — 那种车辆超级现在希望发展。

Talk of plans for a flying car made Uber and NASA trending topics on social media.(11)
谈到在社交媒体上作 Uber 和美国国家航空航天局的热门话题飞行汽车的计划。

One person in San Francisco wrote on Twitter, “I used to think flying cars was a ridiculous idea. This morning I sat in SF traffic. I changed my mind.”(12)
在旧金山的一个人写在推特上,"我常想飞的汽车是一个荒谬的想法。今天早上,我坐在 SF 交通。"我改变主意。

Another person tweeted from Mumbai, India: “Reading about Uber hiring a NASA engineer to build flying cars, while I’m stick in traffic at the legendary Sakinaka signal. There is hope.”(13)
Another person tweeted from Mumbai, India:"阅读关于雇用美国国家航空航天局工程师打造飞的汽车,虽然我坚持在交通上传说中的 Sakinaka 信号的妖孽。还有希望。

Moore told Bloomberg Technology that he predicts there will be several early models of flying cars – with human pilots – within one to three years.(14)
摩尔告诉彭博技术他预言将有几个早期型号的飞行汽车 — — 与人类飞行员 — — 内一至三年。

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