Many Americans Travel to Other Countries for Medical Care
2016-12-26 21:00:04

Eleven million people worldwide travel to other countries for low-cost medical treatment. This kind of travel is known as “medical tourism.”(1)
全世界有 1100 万人前往其他国家低成本医疗治疗。旅行这种被称为"医疗旅游"。

Experts say people spend hundreds of billions of dollars on medical tourism every year.(2)

And, experts predict the industry will grow by up to 25 percent a year over the next 10 years.(3)
而且,专家预测行业将在未来 10 年增长每年高达 25%。

VISA and Oxford Economics recently studied medical tourism trends.(4)

The study found that such travel is increasing because of the rising cost of medical treatments, the aging of societies and advances in international transportation.(5)

About 340 new international airports will be built in the next 10 years, VISA says.(6)
在未来的 10 年内将兴建约 340 新国际机场,签证说。

A company called MedRepublic is connecting doctors with people around the world who need medical care. Robert Page founded the company.(7)
一家名为 MedRepublic 连接医生与世界各地的人们,需要医疗护理的人。罗伯特 · 页创建了公司。

“Our software allows patients to use our website so they can search for doctors directly and talk to them," he said.(8)

Page says the top country for medical tourism is Thailand.(9)
Page 说,医疗旅游最高的国家是泰国。

The United States is second. He says the United States is “a country with a level of specialized medicine not found elsewhere.”(10)

The recent VISA study says the United States was the top destination for medical tourism, not Thailand.(11)

It also found an increasing number of people are traveling to Singapore, Germany, Korea, Spain, Britain, Canada and Israel for medical care.(12)
研究还发现越来越多的人正前往新加坡、 德国、 韩国、 西班牙、 英国、 加拿大和以色列,为医疗服务。

The VISA report predicts China will become the top destination within the next 10 years.(13)
该签证报告预测中国将在未来 10 年内成为首选的目的地。

Between 750,000 and 1.8 million Americans leave the country for medical reasons every year because of the high costs of treatments and surgeries.(14)
之间 750000 和 180 万的美国人离开这个国家因医疗原因每年因为治疗和外科手术的代价很高。

Page says Mexico is a common choice for American medical tourists.(15)
Page 说,墨西哥是美国医疗游客的共同选择。

“For Americans, the main destination is Mexico due to its geographical proximity and the relation(ship) between both countries.(16)
"对于美国人来说,是主要的目的地是墨西哥由于其地理上的接近和 relation(ship) 这两个国家之间。

The main reason is treatment for cancer,” he said.(17)

Many Americans also travel to other countries for plastic surgery, dental surgery, gastric bypasses and orthopedic surgeries.(18)
许多美国人也前往其他国家为整形外科、 口腔外科、 胃旁路和骨科手术。

Susy Pozo was a medical tourist. Four years ago, she traveled to Mexico for stomach surgery.(19)

“I used to weigh 194 pounds," (or 88 kilograms). "I had many health issues.(20)
"我用来 194 磅"(或 88 公斤)。"我有很多的健康问题。

It’s very expensive in the U.S.(21)

I was worried because of the security in Puerto Vallarta, but four years ago I made the best decision of my life: I traveled to Mexico and had stomach surgery at the Puerto Vallarta hospital.”(22)
怕因为安全的卡门,但是四年前我决定是最好的我的生活︰ 我旅行到墨西哥和胃部手术在卡门医院."

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that there are risks connected to less-costly medical treatments in other countries.(23)

Robert Page of MedRepublic says his company tries to lower those risks by helping patients talk directly with foreign doctors.(24)
罗伯特页的 MedRepublic 说,他的公司试图通过帮助患者直接跟外国医生降低这些风险。

“We are trying to resolve those issues with the right kind of information to show that a doctor and a hospital in India, for example, offer the same quality as a doctor or a hospital in the United States.”(25)

I’m Alice Bryant.(26)

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