How long can Germany stay welcoming to refugees?
2015-10-02 22:30:21

JUDY WOODRUFF: Refugees from across the Middle East continue to flee civil wars and the threat of ISIS. Germany, among the European nations, has been welcoming them.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:从整个中东地区的难民继续逃离内战和伊希斯的威胁。德国,欧洲各国,已被欢迎他们。

But in this report from Munich, currently in the midst of Oktoberfest, we learn that attitudes are changing.(2)

Matt Frei of Independent Television News has that.(3)
马特 · 弗雷的独立电视新闻公司有那。

MATT FREI: You could with be excused for thinking you had landed on a strange planet,(4)
MATT FREI:你可以用得到原谅的思维你降落在一个陌生的星球,

especially if you’re a Syrian refugee and you walk into this, in the center of Munich, and there are beer bottles thrown from the train station.(5)

The annual Oktoberfest, Disney with lederhosen and supersized beers, this is the various celebration of excess.(6)

The beer halls are the size of aircraft hangars.(7)

Beer is served in something bigger than a flower vase and pork is king on the plates and on the walls.(8)

A few weeks ago, the city authorities briefly flirted with the idea of canceling this annual bacchanalia out of respect for the refugees who had been given standing ovations at the train station.(9)

But that would have gone down very badly, and since then the mood here shifted against the visitors from another world.(10)

I met Hans Forba, a retired math and physics teacher.(11)
我遇到了汉斯 Forba、 退休的数学和物理老师。

The rest of the world is impressed by the hospitality of Germans towards outsiders.(12)

MAN: I’m not so happy about that.(13)

MATT FREI: You’re not happy about it. Why not?(14)
MATT FREI:你不开心呢。为什么不呢?

MAN: Too much people. All the Muslim — Muslim people, they will throw us out.(15)
MAN:太多的人。所有的穆斯林 — — 穆斯林的人,他们会把我们扔。

MATT FREI: They will throw you out? They can’t throw you out. There are 89 million of you.(16)
MATT FREI:他们会把你扔出去?他们不能把你扔出去。有 8900 万的你。

MAN: Every year, we lose 200,000 Germans and get 400,000 Muslims more.(17)
MAN:每年,我们失去 200000 名德军和 get 400,000 穆斯林更多。

MATT FREI: So, you think there is a danger the Muslims will take over in this country?(18)
MATT FREI:所以,你认为还有穆斯林将接管这个国家的危险吗?

MAN: Yes, yes, they take over. I’m sure about that, yes, very sure.(19)

MATT FREI: So, what would you do about this refugee problem then?(20)
MATT FREI:所以,你怎么对这个难民问题然后?

MAN: I don’t know. I don’t vote for Merkel again.(21)

MATT FREI: You voted for Merkel?(22)
MATT FREI:你投票选举默克尔吗?

MAN: Yes. But I will never do that again.(23)

MATT FREI: Because of this?(24)

MAN: Yes.(25)

MATT FREI: And still they come, despite the fact that Germany reimposed border controls with Austria two weeks ago.(26)
MATT FREI:他们还是来了,尽管德国在两个星期前重新实施与奥地利的边境管制。

This is Passau. While Germany’s economic miracle in the form of newly minted Mercedes Jeeps screeches by, the refugees line the platform, waiting to be processed.(27)

There is friction amongst the newcomers. The police step in before a brawl can erupt.(28)

Ala Dine is an English teacher from Aleppo. His 6-year-old and only son died in a barrel bombing.(29)
Ala 吃饭,是一名英语老师从阿勒颇。他 6 岁和唯一的儿子死于每桶轰炸。

He has been a refugee for a year documenting every step of his nomadic existence on his smartphone.(30)

MAN: We need a solution. Killing is not a solution.(31)

MATT FREI: So Putin getting involved is not a solution?(32)
MATT FREI:所以普京介入不是一个解决方案?

MAN: Yes, yes, yes. No. In old time, Russia help Assad, but now bomb, more bomb.(33)

MATT FREI: It means more war.(34)
MATT FREI:它意味着更多的战争。

MAN: Yes, more war.(35)

MATT FREI: More refugees.(36)
MATT FREI:更多的难民。

MAN: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.(37)

MATT FREI: So what’s your future going to be?(38)
MATT FREI:你将来要做什么?

MAN: I don’t know my future. Really, I don’t. I waste my future.(39)

MATT FREI: Passau has welcomed 17,000 refugees in one week alone.(40)
MATT FREI:帕绍在单独的一周内欢迎 17 000 名难民。

That’s a third of its entire population and almost as many as the whole of Britain will accommodate in four years.(41)

It is said that down the end of the train line, Angela Merkel, a pastor’s daughter, is using the refugees to turn Germany into a moral superpower.(42)
它是说,沿着铁路线年底,安吉拉 · 默克尔,一位牧师的女儿,利用难民来德国变成一个道德的超级大国。

But her own party is now worried about a backlash. And here, at the Passau Tavern, opinions are divided, in this case in one family.(43)

MAN: It’s not like in the first days, where there were a lot of people standing at the railroad station with all these signs saying welcome to Germany, et cetera.(44)

That’s more or less gone. But I also don’t see any people saying please get away again. So, people are getting used to that impression.(45)

MATT FREI: What do you think? Is it too many?(46)
MATT FREI:你觉得怎么样?是它太多吗?

“Yes, far too many,” Evelyn, the mother told me. “We have no idea how to cope with these numbers.”(47)

Angela Merkel’s moral exceptionalism regarding refugees stems in part from Germany’s exceptionally dark past, and nowhere is this more poignant than here.(48)
安格拉 · 默克尔道德例外论关于难民部分源于德国的异常黑暗的过去,,但是没有地方比这里更尖锐。

This was the main camp at Dachau, Dachau, one of the first and most infamous camps built by the Nazis.(49)

They killed more than 40,000 prisoners here. And here’s the really bitter irony.(50)
他们杀死了超过 40,000 犯人在这里。在这里是真的辛辣的讽刺。

Such is the lack of accommodation and space for the refugees flooding into Germany now that quite a few of them have been put up by the authorities in another part of the camp just across the road.(51)

The S.S. called this piece of hell the herb garden.(52)

They used the camp’s prisoners as slave labor to help develop a Nazi brand of homeopathic medicine. These are the original greenhouses.(53)

It’s a grotesque notion lost on Javed and Chaffe, both refugees from Afghanistan who now call this place home.(54)

Inside, all traces of the past have long been erased. So, how do they feel about the history of this place?(55)

So, what Javed says basically is that he doesn’t really care that this was a concentration camp which he is now staying in,(56)

because it’s better than sleeping on the street, and there are no rooms,(57)

there are no flats available anymore in Germany, because there are simply too many refugees like him.(58)

So he’s happy to have this place and doesn’t mind too much that it’s in a rather creepy location.(59)

Both are relieved that Germany has offered them refuge, but they’re also sick with longing for the country they lost.(60)

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