US Audiences Say 'Hello' to Adele
2016-07-01 21:28:26

British singer Adele opens a series of shows in the United States this week in the small city of Saint Paul, Minnesota.(1)

Three hundred thousand people live in St. Paul.(2)
30 万人生活在圣保罗。

But it is part of a larger metropolitan area that is home to more than 3 million people.(3)
但它是更大的大都会区,是家庭对超过 300 万人的一部分。

It is on the east side of the Mississippi River, across from Minneapolis. The two are often called the “Twin Cities.”(4)

The city of Saint Paul has recognized the importance of Adele’s visit.(5)

It took this chance to make fun of the competitiveness between the two cities.(6)

The Saint Paul Visitors and Convention Bureau produced a marketing video using Adele’s song “Hello,” but with different lyrics.(7)

The singers in the video urge people to visit the “east side” of the river.(8)

They describe all the fun things that people can do there.(9)

Hard to know what might draw those on the “west side” over the river more: a funny video or the real “Hello” singer herself.(10)
难在河中更知道什么才可能吸引那些"西侧": 一个搞笑的视频或真正的"Hello"歌手自己。

The tickets for the concert and the rest of Adele’s tour, however, sold out last December.​(11)
音乐会和其余的阿黛尔的旅游门票不过,卖光了去年 12 月。

Adele will play again in Saint Paul July 6.(12)
阿黛勒会再玩在圣保罗 7 月 6 日。

Then she leaves Minnesota for three performances in the big city of Chicago, Illinois.(13)

Top 10 Again(14)

Adele’s most recent album “25” was released in November of last year.(15)
阿黛尔的最新专辑"25"于去年 11 月被释放。

It spent 10 weeks at the top of Billboard magazine’s list of best-selling albums.(16)
它花了 10 个星期的畅销专辑的广告牌杂志列表的顶端。

Now, Billboard reports the album is climbing the charts again after its June 24 release on streaming services.(17)
现在,广告牌报告这张专辑攀登图表 6 月 24 日发布后,再次在流媒体服务。

Industry experts expect the album to sell as many as 37,000 digital copies by June 30.(18)
业内专家预计要到 6 月 30 日销售多达 37000 数字本的相册。

That would put it back in the top 10..(19)
这将使其回到在前 10 名。

Several of the album’s songs, including “When We Were Young,” were released as singles on streaming services earlier this year.(20)

Adele is an expert “breakup” songwriter.(21)

She told the New York Times newspaper that she knows she has written a good song when it makes her cry.(22)

But other people’s songs make her cry, too.(23)

In a People magazine interview, Adele told about the songs of heartbreak that move her.(24)

One is, “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” from Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 album hit album “Luck of the Draw.”(25)
一是,"我不能让你爱我,"从邦尼加 1991年专辑大碟"运气"。

Raitt sings: I can’t make you love me if you don’t / you can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.(26)
Raitt sings:我不能让你爱我,如果你不你不能让你的心就不会有感觉。

 ​Adele will perform in more than 15 U.S. cities during her tour in the country.(27)
阿黛尔将在超过 15 个美国城市执行期间她在该国的巡演。

She spends the most time in Los Angeles and New York. Her last appearance will be in Houston, Texas in November.(28)
她花最多时间在洛杉矶和纽约。她最后一次露面将在 11 月在休斯敦,得克萨斯州。

I’m Marsha James.(29)
我是玛莎 · 詹姆斯。

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