Before-and-After Photos From Earthquake in Italy
2016-08-25 21:30:50

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A magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck central Italy on Wednesday.(2)
周三,里氏 6.2 级地震袭击了意大利中部。

The U.S. Geological Survey says the center of the earthquake was near the town of Norcia.(3)

Amatrice and Accumoli were hit especially hard.(4)
马特和 Accumoli 被打击尤为沉重。

The mayor of Amatrice said “three-quarters of the town is not there anymore.”(5)

Hundreds of people died and more were injured in the quake.(6)

One woman in Amatrice said “it was one of the most beautiful towns of Italy, and now there’s nothing left.”(7)

Many people and news organizations posted photos on Facebook and Twitter comparing how the towns looked before and after the earthquake.(8)
许多人和新闻组织张贴在 Facebook 和 Twitter 比较城镇如何看地震前后的照片。

CNN used a computer animation called a GIF to show how Amatrice changed from one day to the next.(9)
CNN 用于计算机动画 GIF 显示马特如何从一天改为下一步。

The town’s clock tower was the only building still standing.(10)

One person wrote: “Wow! Have mercy, Lord!”(11)
One person wrote:"哇 !怜悯,主啊 !"

USA Today used both aerial photos and photos from the ground to make a slideshow of before and after images.(12)
今日美国 》 用航空照片和照片从地面,使幻灯片的之前和之后的图像。

Some of the images came from Google Maps’ street view.(13)

One person wrote: “my heart goes out to the people.”(14)
One person wrote:"我的心走出去的人"。

Rescue efforts are continuing in Italy. Many were excited to hear the news of a 10-year-old girl being pulled from the rubble after 17 hours.(15)
在意大利,救援工作正在继续。很多人被期待听到这个消息的一个 10 岁女孩被从废墟中 17 个小时后。

“May they find more survivors,” wrote Rose Horowitz.(16)

Reacting to the news on Facebook, Randy Bettis wondered if “Mother Nature could give us a little break,” after the earthquake in Italy and floods in the U.S. state of Louisiana.(17)
兰迪 · 贝蒂斯对消息在 Facebook 上的反应,想知道是否"大自然能给我们稍微休息一下,"后在意大利地震和洪水在美国路易斯安那州。

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