Tablet Computers Most Wanted Gift This Holiday
2012-12-24 01:39:35

From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report in Special English.(1)

Consumer electronics once again topped the list of the most wanted gifts this holiday season.(2)

“Seventy-six percent of consumers who plan to buy holiday gifts say that they will spend money or buy at least one technology product; definitely a solid vote of confidence for technology.”(3)
"七十一-6%的消费者打算购买节日礼物的人说他们将花的钱或买至少一个技术产品 ;绝对固体信心的一票技术"。

Steve Koenig is with the Consumer Electronics Association. He says the group’s latest research also shows that Americans this year are spending more on technology products.(4)
史蒂夫 · 柯尼希是与消费电子协会。他说: 集团的最新研究还显示美国今年消费更多的技术产品。

“Here in 2012, $252 on average – the technology spend for consumers this year.”(5)
"这里在 2012 年,平均 — — 252 美元技术花为消费者今年"。

From tablet computers to smartphones, American shoppers have been lining up to get the newest and coolest electronic devices on the market. There are more choices today than ever before.(6)
从智能手机到平板电脑,一直排队美国消费者在市场上获得的最新、 最酷的电子设备。有更多的选择,今天比以往任何时候。

“It’s kind of hard to make a decision.”(7)

Tablet computers are one of the best-selling products this year. Brian Tong is Senior Editor of
平板电脑今年很畅销的产品之一。Brian 塘是 高级编辑。

The website reports on tech news and examines the latest electronic products. He says the Apple iPad Mini is one of the most popular tablets.(9)
该网站科技新闻报告,并审查了最新的电子产品。他说,苹果 iPad Mini 是最受欢迎平板电脑产品之一。

Its starting price is $329. One of Apple’s biggest competitors is the Google Nexus 7. It starts at $199..(10)
其起始价格是 $329。谷歌 Nexus 7 是苹果公司的最大竞争对手之一。它启动 $ 199...

“The hardware inside is more powerful than what’s in the iPad Mini, but also it offers you a lot of things like maps that work better than Apple’s maps.(11)
"里面的硬件是功能更强大,比什么是在 iPad 迷你,但它还为您提供了很多东西像地图这比苹果的地图更好的工作。

Brian Tong says there is one reason why people may like the iPad Mini more than the Nexus 7.(12)
Brian 塘说那里是原因之一人可能喜欢 iPad 迷你比 Nexus 7 多。

“If you just want to read books and surf the Internet, really you don’t really need to get an iPad Mini, but if you want the largest robust group of apps that’s where the iPad and Apple’s ecosystem shines the most.”(13)
"如果你只是想要读的书和上网冲浪,真的你不真的需要获取 iPad 迷你,但如果您希望应用程序的最大的鲁棒集团就是在此处的 iPad 和苹果的生态系统最闪耀。"

Elman Chacon is with the electronics store Best Buy. He says another hot product this season is smart cameras. They connect to the Internet through WiFi.(14)
Elman Chacon 是与百思买的电子商店。他说另一个热门产品这个赛季是智能相机。他们连接到互联网通过 WiFi。

This makes it easy for users to email or upload photographs directly from the camera.(15)

“You can literally take a picture, upload it into your Facebook in a matter of seconds. These things are pretty cool because they do a lot of things.”(16)
"字面上可以拍摄一张照片,把它上传到你的 Facebook 在几秒钟。这些东西是很酷,因为他们做很多事情。"

Streaming media boxes also connect to the Internet. People are able to watch web content such as movies and YouTube videos on their televisions.(17)
流式媒体框也连接到互联网。人能够观看电影和他们的电视机上 YouTube 视频的 web 内容。

Another popular item is wireless speaker systems. The newest ones work with any device that has Bluetooth technology, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.(18)
流行的另一个项目是无线扬声器系统。最新工作与任何具有蓝牙技术,包括智能手机、 笔记本电脑和平板电脑的设备。

With the growing popularity of Internet shopping, many consumers will visit a store first to look at a product, and then go online to find it at a lower price.(19)

Stores like Best Buy understand that and they want to stay competitive.(20)

“We have something called the perfect match promise which means if you buy a certain device and you find it cheaper within 30 days we’ll go ahead and price match that for you.”(21)
"我们有叫做这意味着如果你买了某些设备和你找到它便宜我们去前面的 30 天内和价格相匹配,为您的完美匹配承诺的东西"。

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