Rescuing Masai Girls From Early Marriage
2012-07-19 14:19:29

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Priscilla Nangurai of Kajiado, Kenya, retired as a teacher in two thousand five. Today, at the age of sixty-two, she could be living a quiet life in retirement.(2)
普丽西拉 Nangurai 的卡贾多,肯尼亚,2 千 5 年作为一名教师退休。今天,六十二、 岁时她可能会住着平静的生活在退休。

Instead, she leads an organization at her home called GRACE -- the Girls' Rights, Attention, Care and Rescue Center.(3)
相反,她带领一个组织在她回家,称为宽限期 — — 女童权利、 重视、 关心和救援中心。

She tries to rescue Masai girls from early marriage and make sure they get an education.(4)

She has rescued more than seven hundred girls since nineteen eighty-six. She now has fifteen girls at her center, and she is building a dormitory to house up to eighty girls.(5)

In the traditional culture of the Masai people, fathers often promise their young daughters in marriage to older men.(6)

Most girls are between the ages of twelve and fourteen, with some even younger. Their bodies are not ready for sex and childbirth. But that is not the only problem. Most of them must also leave school.(7)

Priscilla Nangurai's older sister was forced into marriage at a young age, but demanded that Priscilla receive an education.(8)
普丽西拉 Nangurai 姐姐被强迫婚姻在年轻的时候,但要求普丽西拉接受教育。

She says the problem begins when a girl gets "booked" when she is very young, or not even born yet.(9)
她说: 这个问题从开始时她还很年轻,或不甚至出生女孩获取"预订"。

PRISCILLA NANGURAI: "Booking is when a parent or a man wants to marry from a certain family. So he can go to the family, and if there are little girls there, he will book.(10)
PRISCILLA NANGURAI:"订票时一位家长或一个男人想要从某家庭结婚。所以他可以去到家庭,并且如果有小女孩有,他将书。

If one of the wives is expectant, he will say, 'I want something from this womb.' And he's allowed to do that."(11)
如果妻子之一是期待,他会说,' 我想从这子宫里的东西了。 '他一直允许这样做。

A fourteen-year-old girl named Roseline has been at the rescue center since two thousand eight. At the age of four she was booked to a man who she thinks was about sixty to seventy years old.(12)
一个叫 Roseline 的十四岁女孩一直以来两个一千八个救援中心。四岁的她被预订到她认为年约六十至七十岁的人。

ROSELINE: "Yes, I was booked. But when I knew the person that they booked me, I just talked to Ms. Nangurai. I told her the whole story."(13)
ROSELINE:"是的是我被预定一空。但当我知道他们预定了我的那个人,我刚跟女士 Nangurai。我告诉她整个故事。"

Masai culture calls for the man who wants to marry a girl to start paying the girl's father once the booking has been made.(14)

Traditionally the payment is made with cows, but today money can also be exchanged.(15)

When the marriage will soon take place, the girl must undergo a custom that some call female circumcision.(16)

Others denounce this practice followed in Masai and other cultures as female genital mutilation.(17)

A thirteen-year-old girl also named Priscilla was brought to the center at the age of five. Her mother wanted her to be educated.(18)

The girl says she is thankful especially for health reasons that she did not have her sex organs cut. She worries that she could have gotten AIDS from unclean tools.(19)

PRISCILLA: "They don't circumcise one person with one razor blade. Maybe when we are two girls, they can use this one to the first girl and then they use it again to another one. So that's why I don't want that."(20)

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