Balancing Life, Olympic Hopes on the Big Screen
2016-07-08 21:00:45

Look out for Alexi Pappas at the Olympics in August.(1)
找阿列克斯帕帕斯在奥运会在 8 月。

She is a Greek-American long-distance runner.(2)

Pappas will run in the 10,000 meter event for Greece.(3)

She grew up in the United States but her grandmother was born in Greece.(4)

That is why she can run for Greece at the Olympics.(5)

Pappas is not just a runner.(6)

She is also a writer, actor and filmmaker.(7)
她也是一名作家、 演员和导演。

Her first full-length movie, “Tracktown,” came out this summer.(8)

The film is about a young woman training in a small city in Oregon for a chance to compete in the Olympics.(9)

Just like Pappas. And Pappas plays the character, named Plumb Marigold.(10)

Plumb is trying to balance her training with her interest in having a social life.(11)

A love interest develops when she meets a man at a bakery.(12)

“Tracktown” is named for the city of Eugene, Oregon.(13)

Eugene is called Tracktown because it is an important place for track and field events in the U.S.(14)
尤金被称为 Tracktown,因为它是田径项目在美国的重要场所

A lot of competitive runners live and train there.(15)

It is also the location of the USA Track and Field team Olympic trials. The trials conclude this weekend.(16)

The top finishers of every race and competition there will earn a place on the USA Olympic team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.(17)
每个种族和那里竞争的前名将获得将为 2016 年里约奥运会赢得一席之地美国奥林匹克队。

Many people wonder how Pappas is able to train for the Olympics and make a movie at the same time.(18)

But she says she enjoys having something that can keep her mind off running.(19)

However, Pappas is extremely busy.(20)

She could not even attend her film’s opening night in early July.(21)
即使她不能出席她的电影开幕夜在 7 月初。

Pappas was in Amsterdam running for Greece at the European Athletics Championships.(22)

She finished the race in 32 minutes, 27 seconds and placed 11th.(23)
她用 32 分,27 秒完成比赛,排名第 11 位。

Jeremy Teicher is Pappas’ real-life boyfriend. They made the film together.(24)
杰里米 · 泰歇尔是帕帕斯的真实生活的男朋友。他们一起拍摄的电影。

At the movie’s opening event, Teicher said, “there's a real convergence of life imitating art and fiction."(25)

Teicher called the city of Eugene a “really special location.”(26)

That is one reason why he and Pappas wanted to make a movie there.(27)

If you watch the movie carefully, you will see some other real-life Olympic runners in the movie.(28)

One of those runners is Nick Symmonds. Symmonds competed at the Beijing and London Olympics.(29)
这些跑步者之一是尼克 Symmonds。Symmonds 参加了北京和伦敦奥运会。

“Tracktown” will be shown at some film festivals in the future.(30)

The producers hope it will then be released at theaters around the U.S.(31)

“Our secret goal is that there will be tour buses in Eugene one day taking you around to the locations where we shot,” Teicher said.(32)

I’m Dan Friedell.(33)
我是丹 Friedell。

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