Experts Suggest Ways to Help International Students Make Friends with American Students
2012-08-23 15:24:23

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.(1)

Last week, we told how some international students have few friends in their host country when they study overseas.(2)

One study in the United States found that thirty-eight percent of foreign students said they had no close American friends.(3)
在美国的一项研究发现 38%的外国学生说他们没有任何密切的美国朋友。

Communications specialist Elisabeth Gareis studied more than four hundred fifty foreign students.(4)
通信专家伊丽莎白 · Gareis 研究了超过一百四五十个外国学生。

VOA Student Union blogger Jessica Stahl also investigated the issue. Her survey showed that seventy-five percent of foreign students said they have more than two American friends.(5)
美国之音学生会博客杰西卡钢铁还调查了这个问题。她的调查显示 75%的外国学生说他们有两个以上的美国朋友。

But ten percent reported having no American friends.(6)
但 10%报告说有没有美国的朋友。

Elisabeth Gareis teaches in the Department of Communication Studies at Baruch College in New York.(7)
伊丽莎白 · Gareis 教在纽约巴鲁克学院传播学系。

She says efforts on how to improve relationships between the two groups of students have yet to be studied in detail.(8)
她说: 如何提高学生的两个群体之间的关系的努力仍未详细的研究。

But she says these efforts should begin with the college or university, and that these institutions have been working harder.(9)

ELISABETH GARIES: “Institutions should build an infrastructure that promotes contact. And they can do that by, for example, bonding activities at the beginning of the academic year.”(10)
ELISABETH GARIES:"机构应建立一个基础结构,促进联系。他们能做到,例如,粘接在学年开始时的活动。

She suggests taking walks, going on bicycle, field or camping trips, and attending parties, sporting events or film festivals.(11)
她建议采取走路,自行车、 字段或露营旅行和参加聚会,体育事件或电影节继续下去。

She says such activities should be held repeatedly to bring students together throughout the school term.(12)
她说: 应该多次举行这类活动,使学生在一起在整个学期。

Ms. Gareis also suggests that foreign students share housing with American students.(13)
女士 Gareis 也表明外国学生在美国学生分享房屋。

Michigan State University is known for its programs for international students.(14)

Last year, about five thousand nine hundred students from one hundred thirty three countries attended Michigan State.(15)
去年一年,来自百三十个国家的约 5 千 9 百学生参加了密歇根州。

They made up perhaps twelve percent of the total university population. Peter Briggs directs the Office for International Students and Scholars at Michigan State.(16)
他们组成也许总大学人口的 12%。彼得 · 布里格斯所指示的国际学生和学者在密西根州的办公室。

He says more foreign students are expected to register this week.(17)
他说: 更多的外国学生预计将注册这一周。

Many students and community members are trained and prepared to help foreign students.(18)

The volunteers assist new students as they complete government requirements and find their academic advisors.(19)

Mr. Briggs says the volunteers also help answer the traditional questions of new people anywhere.(20)

PETER BRIGGS: “Where do I get an ID (identification card)? Which is the best bank…What is my cell phone plan? How do I get a Social Security number or driver’s license?(21)
PETER BRIGGS:"那里获取 ID (识别卡)?这是最好的银行...我的手机的计划是什么?社会安全号码或驾照如何?

That kind of information is shared both formally and informally as students advise other students. We’re really supporting that network.”(22)
此类信息共享正式和非正式方式为学生建议其他学生。我们真正支持该网络 ”。

He says that if the new students make friends as they begin school, they will come to feel part of the life and traditions of the university.(23)
他说: 是否新同学交朋友,因为他们开始学校,他们会来感受大学的传统和生活的一部分。

And that’s the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Jerilyn Watson. To read and listen to more stories for people learning English, go to I’m Steve Ember.(24)
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Contributing: Jessica Stahl and Ira Mellman(25)
Contributing:杰西卡钢铁和爱尔兰共和军 Mellman

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