Executions Are Down, but Debate over Death Sentence Continues
2016-12-12 21:15:01

The United States is expected to execute fewer people in 2016 than any year in the past 25 years.(1)
美国预计将在 2016 年比任何一年在过去的 25 年中执行更少的人。

So far this year, 19 people have been put to death for their crimes nationwide.(2)
今年到目前为止,19 人已对其罪行的死刑全国。

That is down from 28 last year, and 98 in 1998.(3)
下来从 28 去年,并且是 98 1998 年。

Those numbers come from the Death Penalty Information Center, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C..(4)

The death penalty is sometimes called the ultimate punishment.(5)

The question of whether it should be used as punishment continues to divide Americans.(6)

Supporters say that people found guilty of horrible crimes should get the ultimate punishment.(7)

They believe the death penalty will act as a deterrent.(8)

By deterrent, they mean it might cause a person to decide against killing someone.(9)

But opponents argue that a moral society does not put people to death.(10)

They say when an innocent person is found guilty of a crime, there is no way to fix the mistake if that person already has been executed.(11)

The arguments on both sides can be very emotional.(12)

Fighting for Death Penalty After Daughter’s Murder(13)

Marc Klaas lost his daughter Polly in 1993. The 12-year-old was taken from a party, raped, and then murdered.(14)
马克 · 克拉斯在 1993 年失去了他的女儿波莉。12 岁是取自一方、 强奸,然后被杀害。

Before her murder, Marc Klass opposed the death penalty.(15)
在她被谋杀,马克 · 克拉斯反对死刑。

But now he believes it is punishment that should be available for the worst crimes -- killing a child, killing police officers or killing more than one person.(16)
但现在他认为那是应为最恶劣的罪行 — — 杀害儿童,杀害警察或杀死更多的人提供的惩罚。

“The whole idea that somebody like Richard Allan Davis, the guy that murdered my daughter, would be in a position, after his extensive criminal history, to even get his hands on my child, is absolutely preposterous.(17)
"像理查德 · 艾伦 · 戴维斯,那个谋杀了我的女儿,这样的人会在一个位置,他广泛的犯罪历史,甚至到他的手对我的孩子之后, 的整个想法是荒谬绝伦。

And apparently, the only way that can be stopped is through his execution.”(18)

Klass noted that Davis once said he gets sexual pleasure in prison from thinking about tying up his past victims.(19)

“Now, that tells me that the guy that murdered my child is sitting in his cell on death row, re-victimizing her on a daily basis.(20)

And the only way that re-victimization will ever cease is the day that he ceases to exist.(21)

And I think that her memory and her spirit deserves better than the consideration he has given her…”(22)

Davis has been jailed on death row in California since 1996. Death row is the part of a prison that houses people sentenced to die.(23)
自 1996 年以来,加州死囚已被囚戴维斯。死刑是一所监狱,被判处死刑的人的房子的一部分。

None of the over 700 people now on death row in California have set execution dates.(24)
没有任何的超过 700 人,现在在加州死囚有设置执行日期。

A Toronto Mom Meets Texas Death Row Inmate(25)

Bri-anne Swan is a singer-songwriter, wife, and mother of two. She lives in Toronto, Canada.(26)
Bri 安妮天鹅是歌手,词曲作者、 妻子和母亲的两个。她住在多伦多,加拿大。

Swan opposes the death penalty on moral grounds.(27)

Two years ago, she began sending letters to Ramiro Gonzales. He is jailed on death row in the American state of Texas.(28)
两年前,她开始发信给拉米罗 · 冈萨雷斯。他被关押在美国得克萨斯州的死囚。

He was sentenced to die after he admitted killing 18-year-old Bridget Townsend in 2001..(29)
他被判死后,他承认 2001 年杀死 18 岁布里奇特 · 汤森德。

Gonzales asked Swan to come to Texas and witness his execution, which was set for August.(30)
冈萨雷斯问天鹅来到德克萨斯,见证他执行,定在 8 月。

She agreed and decided to make the visit, even when the execution was delayed.(31)

Swan and Gonzales talked for 10 hours. She said there was sadness on the last day of her Texas visit.(32)
天鹅和冈萨雷斯聊了 10 个小时。她说在她德克萨斯州访问的最后一天的悲伤。

Both Swan and Gonzales knew the next time she might see him would be the day of his execution, she said.(33)

Swan wrote to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, asking him to stop the execution.(34)
天鹅写信给得克萨斯州州长格雷格 · 阿博特,要求他停止执行。

When Gonzales killed Bridget Townsend, he was 18, addicted to drugs, “dealing with the loss of his beloved aunt and years of sexual abuse by a male relative,” Swan said.(35)
当冈萨雷斯杀布里奇特 · 汤森德时,他是 18,沉迷于毒品,"处理的损失他心爱的姑妈和多年的由男性亲属,性虐待"天鹅说。

Today, she told Abbott, he is a “gentle and kind man who has a deeply spiritual life.”(36)

Gonzales did a terrible thing at 18, “but he is not that person today,” she added.(37)
冈萨雷斯是件可怕的事情,18 岁时,"但他不是那个人今天,"她补充说。

Death Penalty Gets Vote in 3 States(38)
死刑获取投票 3 州

Voters in three states -- California, Nebraska and Oklahoma -- voted last month to permit use of the death penalty for some crimes.(39)
三个州 — — 加利福尼亚州、 内布拉斯加州和俄克拉荷马州 — — 选民投票支持上个月,允许使用死刑一些罪行。

Thirty one states give courts the right to sentence prisoners to death. Nineteen states do not permit the death sentence.(40)
三十一个国家法院权给句子囚犯死亡。19 个州不允许判处死刑。

More Americans support the death penalty than oppose it -- 49 percent for and 42 percent against.(41)
更多美国人支持死刑,而不是反对 — — 49%和 42%反对。

That information comes from the Pew Research Center.(42)

But the percentage is down 7 percent from last year, and way down from the 1990s, when 80 percent of the U.S. population supported the death penalty, Pew said.(43)
却在百分比减少 7%,从去年开始和方式下来从上世纪 90 年代,当 80%的美国人支持死刑,皮尤说。

Robert Dunham is executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center. He opposes the death penalty.(44)
罗伯特 · 邓纳姆是死刑信息中心的执行董事。他反对死刑的判决。

Dunham said a good number of people have been sentenced to death, despite strong questions about their guilt. He said there also appears to be racial bias.(45)
邓纳姆说︰ 很多人已被判处死刑,尽管自己的内疚感的强烈质疑。他说︰ 种族偏见似乎也那里。

Blacks who kill whites are more likely to face the death penalty than other people found guilty of murder.(46)

Michael Rushford is president of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. He supports the death penalty.(47)
迈克尔 · 拉什福德是刑事司法法律基金会的主席。他支持死刑。

Without the threat of execution, he said, it is very difficult to stop murderers from killing again or attacking their guards.(48)

People already serving life sentences know that, without the death penalty, courts cannot increase their sentences -- no matter what they do, Rushford said.(49)
已经服刑生活的人都知道,不用死刑,法院不能增加他们的句子 — — 无论他们做什么,拉什福德说。

I’m Jill Robbins.(50)

And I'm Bruce Alpert.(51)
我是布鲁斯 · 阿尔珀特。

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