It May Be His Last Chance to Cover the NBA Finals
2016-06-15 20:54:59

This is What’s Trending Today:(1)
This is What’s Trending Today:

The National Basketball Association is in the middle of its championship series.(2)

The Golden State Warriors have won three games. The Cleveland Cavaliers have won two.(3)

The first team to win four games will be the NBA champion.(4)
第一支赢得四场比赛将是 nba 总冠军。

Game 6 is Thursday night in Cleveland.(5)

If Steph Curry and Golden State win the game, the series will be over.(6)

The Warriors will be the league champions for the second season in a row.(7)

ESPN is the broadcaster that produces the games for television in the U.S.(8)
ESPN 是生产游戏在美国的电视播音员

Because the series could end on Thursday night, ESPN made a unique announcement on Wednesday. It trended on social media.(9)
由于该系列会结束在周四晚上,ESPN 周三做独特的宣布。它在社交媒体上的趋势。

Craig Sager, a long-time reporter for a rival television network, is going to be a guest reporter.(10)
对于竞争对手的电视网络,长期记者克雷格 · 格尔要客人记者。

That is because he has never covered a Finals game. And this could be his last chance to do it.(11)

Sager has a blood cancer called leukemia. He will be 65 years old later in June.(12)
Sager 已称为白血病的血癌细胞。他将 65 岁以后在 6 月。

Sager works for Turner Sports. He has been receiving cancer treatments since 2014.(13)
特纳体育 sager 工程。他已接收自 2014年的癌症治疗了。

After he found out he had cancer, he missed almost one year of work.(14)

He returned to work during the 2015 basketball season after his cancer went into remission. But it came back recently.(15)
他又回来上班期间 2015年篮球赛季后他的癌症又复发了。但最近它又回来了。

Sager says he has tried blood transfusions, chemotherapy, stem cell and bone marrow transplants.(16)
Sager 说他曾输血、 化疗、 干细胞和骨髓移植。

Two months ago, his doctor told Sports Illustrated “what he’s done is almost miraculous.”(17)

Because doctors are not sure of his prognosis, this could be his only chance to cover one of the NBA championship games.(18)
因为医生不肯定他,这可能是预后的他唯一的机会,包括 NBA 总冠军的比赛之一。

Sager has covered the NBA for 34 years. He is known for the colorful suits and sport coats he wears to the games.(19)
Sager 已覆盖 NBA 34 年。他以色彩鲜艳的套装和运动外套他穿到游戏而闻名。

One person on social media called the decision by ESPN “cool and beautiful.”(20)
一个人在社交媒体上的所谓的决定由 ESPN"酷和美丽的"。

Another asked “wonder what wacky suit he’ll be sporting?”(21)

And that’s What’s Trending Today.(22)

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