New Technology Helps Move Hearts
2017-02-05 22:00:55

Heart transplant surgery is a common medical treatment in the United States.(1)

Some doctors are skilled at removing the heart from someone who has just died, and then preparing it for another person who needs a new heart.(2)

Nationwide, about 4,000 new patients a year are listed for a heart transplant. But only about 2,500 are able to have the operation.(3)
全国范围内,对 4,000 每年新增病人列出了心脏移植手术。但只有大约 2500 辆为能做了手术。

Jason Smith is a surgeon with the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.(4)
杰森 · 史密斯是一名外科医生在西雅图华盛顿大学医疗中心。

He notes that because of the difference in numbers, not all patients on the transplant list will live.(5)

“Because of that disparity, we still have about 17 percent of patients who get listed for transplant, for heart transplant, who die on the waiting list.”(6)
"由于这种差距,我们还有大约 17%的上市为移植、 心脏移植的病人死在等候名单上的人"。

There is a shortage of organ donors. Some people do not want to donate their organs or those of a loved one.(7)

But also, some donated organs do not make it to the surgery room in the right condition for transplant.(8)

Once the organ is removed from the donor, there is only a short time to get the organ to the person who needs it.(9)

The average length is four to six hours. After that, the organ begins to fail.(10)

This can be a problem if the donor died far away from the recipient.(11)

Traditionally, the donated hearts are transported in an ice box. Keeping the organ on ice has been the best way to preserve it.(12)

Medical workers sometimes carry the box on a helicopter or airplane.(13)

Now, a new travel box contains equipment that keeps the heart beating during transport.(14)

The only time it stops beating is for a few minutes -- just before it is placed into the chest of the person receiving it.(15)
它停止跳动的唯一时间是人的几分钟 — — 只是人的之前它放在胸部的接收它。

For more than a year, the Organ Care System has been tested in the United States.(16)

The system, also known as “heart in a box,” has an American manufacturer, a company called TransMedics.(17)
系统,也被称为"心在框中,"有一个美国的制造商,一家名为 TransMedics。

It is already available in Europe and Australia.(18)

Dr. Jason Smith is pleased about the addition of transport pumps on the boxes.(19)
杰森 · 史密斯博士很高兴有关的运输泵框上添加。

“So having a transport pump to preserve the heart function allows us to better match the hearts to the recipients so that more of the hearts that are being donated can actually be used and implanted into recipients.”(20)

Ted Daniels is also pleased with the “heart in a box.” He was the first patient to get a heart through the Organ Care System in the U.S. trials.(21)
泰德 · 丹尼尔斯也是满意的"框的心脏"。他是第一个病人,通过器官关心系统在美国选拔赛中得到一颗心。

Daniels, a truck driver from Washington State, received his new heart in September 2015..(22)
丹尼尔斯,从华盛顿州一名卡车司机在 2015 年 9 月收到了他新的心。

A month later he spoke to the news media. Daniels said he was “excited” to be part of the new patient technology.(23)

He said, "It makes me happy to know that I'll probably get to see my daughters (ages 16 and 7) graduate and get married. ".(24)
他说,"它使我很高兴知道我可能会要看到我的女儿 (16 岁和 7) 毕业、 结婚."。

The equipment has been tested on flights up to 11 hours long.(25)
设备已经过测试的航班上为 11 个小时长。

The machine pumps donated blood through the organ, so it can work as it does inside a body.(26)

Those traveling with the heart watch it closely to make sure it is in the best possible condition for transplantation.(27)

The development of this new heart travel machine is good news to Kevin O’Connor.(28)
这种新的心旅行机器的发展是个好消息给凯文 · 奥康纳。

He is the head of Lifecenter Northwest, a group that organizes organ and tissue donation in some Northwestern states.(29)
他是 Lifecenter 西北,组织器官与组织捐赠一些西北州集团团长。

“I absolutely think it’s a great opportunity to improve the preservation technology for hearts and other organs,(30)

and will only stand to benefit patients in need of replacement organs in the future.”(31)

TransMedics is also testing the technology to help preserve donated lungs and liver organs.(32)
TransMedics 也测试技术来帮助保护捐赠的肺脏和肝脏器官。

Similar to the way that hearts are kept beating in the box, the lungs “breathe”, and livers “produce bile,” according to the company’s website.(33)

It adds that if an organ is beginning to fail, the machine may be able to bring it back to a fully functioning condition.(34)

That would give doctors more organs for transplantation.(35)

Doctors say the new technology alone will not end the need for more donated hearts.(36)

They are urging Americans to register to become an organ donor.(37)

I’m Anne Ball.(38)

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