Driverless Electric Buses Tested in Paris, Las Vegas
2017-01-31 22:05:02

More and more cities across the world are experimenting with driverless vehicles on public streets.(1)

Two of the latest to conduct testing are Paris, France and Las Vegas, Nevada.(2)

The cities have used self-driving electric buses to carry passengers on short rides to try out the technology and see how humans react to it.(3)

In Paris, two buses have been transporting passengers across a bridge between two of the city’s busiest rail stations.(4)

The vehicles, built by French company EasyMile, travel in a special safety lane created for the project.(5)
车辆,由法国公司 EasyMile,在为项目创建特殊安全行车旅行。

The fully electric buses can carry up to 10 people.(6)
全电动巴士可以携带最多 10 人。

The testing in Paris is expected to last three months.(7)

If things go well, officials plan to launch more driverless bus lines later this year.(8)

Jean-Louis Missika is the deputy mayor of Paris.(9)
让-路易 · 米西卡是巴黎的副市长。

He told reporters at a recent launch event that autonomous vehicles represent a “revolution” happening in many cities around the world.(10)

He said self-driving technology is set to “change our urban environment and public space in a spectacular fashion over the next 20 years.”(11)
他说︰ 自驾车技术设置为"改变我们的城市环境和公共空间在一个壮观的方式在未来的 20 年。

Transportation officials say they are planning to use the bus to connect neighborhoods to rail stations around Paris.(12)

They will also help ease traffic crowding and reduce severe pollution in the city.(13)

In Las Vegas, the city recently launched the first driverless shuttle bus in the United States.(14)

The 12-passenger bus from French company Navya has no steering wheel or brake pedals.(15)
12 座客车从法国公司就已没有转向车轮和刹车踏板。

It uses cameras and sensors to avoid other vehicles and people while making its way down city streets.(16)

The electric vehicles can reach a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour.(17)
电动汽车可以达到最高时速每小时 40 公里。

The bus operated for a two-week period along one of the busiest entertainment areas in Las Vegas.(18)

Rides during the shuttle experiment were free.(19)

“The ride was smooth. It's clean and quiet and seats comfortably,” said Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman after taking a ride.(20)
"骑是光滑的。它是干净和安静舒适,座椅后表示︰ 拉斯维加斯市长卡罗琳 · 古德曼乘坐。

Several autonomous shuttle buses are expected to be deployed in Las Vegas later this year to transport passengers through main areas of the city.(21)

The estimated cost of the program is about $10,000 per month.(22)
该程序的估计的成本是每月约 10000 美元。

Officials say while this might seem high, the driverless shuttles could still save the city money.(23)

The current yearly cost for a single bus and driver is about $1 million. I’m Bryan Lynn.(24)
在目前的每年成本为单总线和驱动程序是大约 $ 100 万。我是布赖恩 · 林恩。

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