Mali Conflict Keeps Children Out of School
2012-10-25 00:17:34

From VOA Learning English, this is the Education Report in Special English.(1)

Students and teachers are busy with the new school year in Mali and throughout West Africa.(2)

However, aid workers say most of the children in northern Mali are unable to go to school.(3)

Militants including some from the group al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb took control of the north in April.(4)
今年 4 月北接管包括一些来自组基地组织伊斯兰马格里布地区的好战分子。

The Islamists are enforcing their own severe form of Sharia law in the occupied territory.(5)

The United Nations Security Council is urging West African countries to speed up preparations for a military intervention in northern Mali.(6)

There are concerns that the conflict might spread to other countries.(7)

Large numbers of northerners have fled to the government-held south or to neighboring countries. Tom Mccormack is the Sahel director for the aid group Save the Children USA.(8)

He says there has not been enough information from northern Mali to fully understand the situation.(9)
他说: 再加上没有足够的信息从马里北部,充分了解有关情况。

“We are very concerned that education is not being provided for all children.(10)

We’re concerned that funds need to be made available to assist children, particularly those who have been displaced by the fighting, have not been made available, especially for education in this emergency response that we and other actors on the ground here are trying to respond to.”(11)
我们关注资金需要作出可用以协助儿童,特别是那些因战斗而流离失所、 尚未可用,尤其是在此紧急情况的反应,我们和其他行动者在地上试图回应教育。"

Save the Children is part of the Education Cluster, a group created by the U.N. to coordinate the emergency response in Mali.(12)

The Education Cluster says the two hundred forty thousand students remaining in the north have little to no access to education.(13)
教育群集说 24 万学生留在北部有小到没有机会接受教育。

Cluster official Joa Keis says this increases the risk of children being recruited as child soldiers.(14)
群集官方死心的理由 Keis 说,这会增加儿童被招募儿童兵的危险。

“It’s been shown that out-of-school children are particularly vulnerable to falling into the hands of armed groups given the situation in northern Mali.(15)

With the presence of several armed groups controlling the area, it is particularly important that we use education as a means of protecting children from the potential for ongoing use of child soldiers.”(16)

Human rights groups say the Islamists are actively recruiting children as young as twelve years old.(17)

The Education Cluster surveyed twenty five organizations in the north. Three-fourths of them said local schools had been vandalized or destroyed.(18)
教育群集在北方的 25 个组织进行了调查。四分之三的他们说当地的学校受到破坏,或被摧毁。

Half reported that teachers had fled to the south. And one-third said armed groups occupy schools.(19)

Save the Children also says flooding has affected an additional sixty thousand children across Mali.(20)
拯救儿童还说洪水跨马里影响额外的 6 万儿童。

Yet financial assistance for the country remains low. Joa Keis says last year's humanitarian appeals process met just four percent of the goal.(21)
尚未为该国提供财政援助仍然很低。死心的理由 Keis 说,去年的人道主义呼吁进程符合仅为 4%的目标。

Teachers and local organizations say they have kept some schools operating in the north by negotiating compromises with armed groups.(22)

Subjects like philosophy and biology are often not allowed. Girls and boys must often be separated.(23)
哲学、 生物科目常常不允许。男孩和女孩常常必须分开。

And some schools are only allowed to teach in Arabic, a language that most of the students do not even speak.(24)

Contributing: Peter Tinti and Jerilyn Watson(25)
Contributing:Peter Tinti 和塔普顿沃森

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