For People Too Busy to Garden, FarmBot Can Help
2016-08-24 19:00:42

In a small home garden, about 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters long, a robotic device called the FarmBot is busy planting vegetable seeds.(1)
在一个小型的家庭花园,约 1.5 米宽,3 米长,一种叫做 FarmBot 的机器人装置是忙种植蔬菜种子。

The FarmBot will control the soil’s moisture, water the seeds and plants, and take out any wild plants or weeds.(2)
FarmBot 将控制土壤水分、 水的种子和植物,取出任何野生植物或杂草。

Rory Aronson is the inventor of the FarmBot and chief executive officer of the company that produces it.(3)
罗里 · 阿伦是公司的 FarmBot 和生产它首席执行官的发明者。

He tells VOA who would find the device helpful.(4)

“Our ideal customer is somebody who is a maker or a hacker type person who wants to grow their own food but doesn’t have the time.”(5)

Aronson says he has been testing the FarmBot in his garden.(6)
阿伦森说,他一直在测试 FarmBot 在他的花园里。

“We had Swiss chard, arugula, spinach. We also had broccoli, kale, beets, and parsnips.(7)
"我们有瑞士甜菜、 芝麻菜、 菠菜。我们也有花椰菜、 羽衣甘蓝、 甜菜,防风草。

We had 65 plants total and so we got a pretty good amount.”(8)
我们有 65 植物总,所以我们有一个非常良好的数额"。

To survive in extreme weather, the FarmBot is made of aluminum, stainless steel and 3D printed plastic.(9)
为了生存在极端天气中,FarmBot 是由铝、 不锈钢和 3D 打印的塑料。

The tools are designed to plant, water and care for each vegetable.(10)

They are attached to a long, thin rod that moves up and down the garden.(11)

Aronson says putting the FarmBot together takes about 8 hours.(12)
阿伦森说把 FarmBot 放在一起需要大约 8 小时。

“If you can use a screwdriver and follow instructions you should be able to put FarmBot together no problem.”(13)
"如果你可以使用一把螺丝刀,并遵循说明你应该能够放 FarmBot 在一起没问题"。

The FarmBot works with Internet programs and can design a garden based on each person’s needs. Its software is open source.(14)
FarmBot 工程与互联网程序和可以设计基于每个人需要一个花园。它的软件是开源的。

That means the computer program that makes it work can be freely used, changed and shared by anyone.(15)
工作方法的计算机程序,使它可以自由地使用、 改变和由任何人共享。

Hundreds of people have already ordered the FarmBot online. They and can expect to receive their devices in February.(16)
数百人已经订购了在线的 FarmBot。他们和可以预计将于 2 月收到他们的设备。

The cost of the FarmBot is $3,100. For now, it is only one size. But the company is planning to make bigger robots for commercial gardening.(17)
FarmBot 的成本是 $3,100。现在,它是只有一种尺寸。但是,公司打算让商业园艺大机器人。

I’m Dorothy Gundy.(18)
我是多萝西 · 范甘迪。

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