Mobile Telephones Changing Lives in Africa
2013-02-01 18:45:56

From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report in Special English.(1)

The World Bank estimates there are about 650 million mobile phone users in African countries south of the Sahara Desert.(2)
世界银行估计,在撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲国家有约 6 亿 5000 万手机用户。

That is greater than the number of users in the United States and European Union.(3)

Samia Melhem works for the World Bank to increase information technologies in Africa. She says mobile phones are the fastest growing technology on the continent.(4)
Samia 梅列姆为世界银行提高非洲的信息技术工作。她说手机是大陆上的增长最快的技术。

“Faster than TV, definitely faster than electricity. More people have access to mobile phones and hence communication.(5)

More people have internet access today in Africa than they have access to water, clean water, or even sanitation.(6)
更多的人有互联网接入今天在非洲比他们获得水、 清洁用水或甚至是卫生设施。

So we can say that this has been the most significant revolution in terms of changing the African landscape and how people live their daily life.”(7)

CNN television recently named seven ways of life it says have been revolutionized because of mobile phones.(8)

They include political activism, education, entertainment, disaster management, agriculture and health.(9)
他们包括政治激进主义、 教育、 娱乐、 灾害管理、 农业和卫生。

Another area is banking. Reports say half or more of the adults in Gabon, Kenya and Sudan use mobile money. Rene Mendy sells goods in the streets of Dakar, Senegal.(10)
另一个领域银行业。报道说,一半以上的成年人在加蓬、 肯尼亚和苏丹使用移动的钱。勒内 · 曼迪热心地出售商品在塞内加尔首都达喀尔的街道。

But he never had enough money to open a bank account.(11)

Now he uses a mobile phone banking service called Orange Money. With his telephone, he can add or take out as little as one dollar.(12)
现在他使用手机银行服务称为橙钱。与他的电话,他可以添加或取出只要 1 美元。

He can make payments and send money to family members who live far away.(13)

Orange Money says it serves four million customers in ten countries. The World Bank’s Samia Melham notes that the French company is facing competition from other mobile banking services.(14)
橙色钱说它为在 10 个国家的 400 万客户提供服务。世界银行 Samia Melham 注意到法国公司正面临来自其他手机银行服务的竞争。

“The mobile banking is a huge trend. And people in the West don’t understand it, because most people have bank accounts and they have credit cards.(15)

It [mobile banking] is the instantaneous acquisition of cash at a much lower cost.(16)
[手机银行] 是瞬时获得现金以更低的成本。

The cost is the cost of sending an SMS, which is almost nothing compared to what traditional transfer agents, like Western Union, would charge - 10 dollars or more for a particular money transfer.”(17)
成本是发送短信,几乎什么比较特别的汇款到什么传统传输代理,西方联盟一样,将收费-10 美元或更高的成本。

In education, the United Nations agency UNESCO is holding its second Mobile Learning Week in Paris later this month.(18)

Conference delegates are to discuss how mobile phone use can increase the number of people who read.(19)

Other issues include how mobile technologies can support teachers, and make it easier for girls and women to receive an education.(20)

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