Telephone Hotline in Pakistan Predicts Dengue Outbreaks
2016-07-17 21:00:28

A telephone helpline is aiding public health officials in Pakistan to predict dengue fever outbreaks.(1)

Dengue is a disease carried by mosquitoes.(2)

It affects people who live in hot and humid climates of the world, according to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.(3)

Dengue causes sudden high fever, headaches and severe joint and muscle pain.(4)
登革热导致突发高烧、 头痛和严重的关节和肌肉疼痛。

There is no cure or vaccine for dengue fever.(5)

An estimated 400,000 people are infected with dengue each year.(6)
估计的 40 万人感染登革热每年。

Worldwide, an estimated 2.5 billion people are at risk of getting the disease.(7)
世界范围内,估计有 25 亿人处于患该疾病的风险。

Pakistan is making some progress in controlling dengue.(8)

Researchers have created a computer process that uses helpline reports from the public.(9)

The information is used to help forecast the number of cases.(10)

Public health officials then can take measures to limit the effects of dengue on a community.(11)

For example, public health workers can get rid of high populations of mosquitoes.(12)

Lakshmi Subramanian is a teacher of mathematical sciences at New York University. He said the computer process is accurate.(13)
拉克希米勃拉曼尼亚是纽约大学的数学科学老师。他说︰ 计算机过程是准确。

He said, “The computer is actually giving you the exact range.(14)

And that is more powerful than, 'Oh, I think an outbreak is going to happen or an outbreak is not going to happen.'”(15)

He added that an outbreak can be traced to neighborhoods and blocks where they started.(16)

The helpline has been in operation for about five years.(17)

The Pakistani province of Punjab was hit by a severe outbreak of dengue in 2011.(18)
2011 年,巴基斯坦旁遮普省遭受了严重的登革热疫情。

More than 21,000 people were infected and 350 people died.(19)
2.1 万余人被感染,350 人丧生。

Hospitals in Punjab were unprepared and crowded with patients.(20)

Since then, researchers in the United States and Pakistan developed the helpline.(21)

Almost 300,000 people have called the service with questions about the symptoms of dengue.(22)
近 30 万人口有称为服务有关登革热的症状的问题。

They also report areas where mosquitoes are living.(23)

Experts say the system is not costly.(24)

They say that in 2013 the number of dengue cases in the city of Lahore fell to 1,600 using information from the helpline and disease prevention efforts.(25)
他们说,在 2013 年在拉合尔市的登革热个案数目下降到 1600 使用求助热线和疾病预防工作的信息。

I’m Anna Matteo.(26)

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