Most Victims of Terrorist Attacks Are Muslim
2016-09-04 20:56:06

Muslim militants tried to create areas governed by Islamic law long before the Islamic State group began its campaign in the Middle East.(1)

Some groups supported attacks on governments that they did not believe were enforcing Islamic law.(2)

Others believed they should work to weaken Western countries -- especially the United States.(3)
其他人认为他们应该努力削弱西方国家 — — 尤其是美国。

In the 1990s the terrorist group al-Qaida won the debate.(4)
在 90 年代恐怖组织基地组织赢得了辩论。

It supported attacks on the United States, including those that took place on September 11, 2001.(5)
它支持美国,其中包括发生在 2001 年 9 月 11 日攻击。

But al-Qaida’s power has lessened in recent years.(6)

Terror groups have formed that are working to weaken government in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.(7)
恐怖组织已经形成,正在削弱政府在中东、 南亚和北非。

These groups include the Islamic State, which has supported attacks on neighboring countries -- including those led by Muslims.(8)
这些组包括伊斯兰国家,一直支持对周边国家 — — 包括那些由穆斯林的攻击。

The result is that most of the victims of terrorist attacks by Muslims over the past 15 years have been other Muslims.(9)
其结果是,大部分的穆斯林在过去 15 年的恐怖主义袭击的受害者都是其他穆斯林。

Recently, a 14-year-old Islamic State suicide bomber attacked a Kurdish wedding in southeastern Turkey. More than 50 people were killed.(10)
最近,14 岁的伊斯兰国家自杀式炸弹袭击库尔德人在土耳其东南部的婚礼。50 多人丧生。

Richard Bulliet is a retired professor of history at Columbia University. He says most non-Muslims should not be worried about terrorism.(11)
理查德 · 布利特是哥伦比亚大学历史系退休的教授。他说大多数非穆斯林不应担心恐怖主义。

“I understand why the media cover terrorism in the West so closely, and I understand why people who follow these events become so frightened,(12)

but, objectively speaking, the threat of terrorism is not very great.”(13)

Between 2001 and 2015, there were 167,221 victims of terrorism.(14)
2001 年至 2015 年,有 167,221 的恐怖主义受害者。

About 98 percent of them took place outside the United States and Western Europe, according to the University of Maryland Global Terrorism Database.(15)
根据马里兰大学全球恐怖主义数据库时,约有 98%的人外,美国和西欧,发生。

The database is supported by the United States government.(16)

It is the largest public collection of information about terrorist attacks in the world.(17)

The database does not record the religious belief of victims.(18)

However, it has gathered information about attacks in 25 Muslim-majority countries from Iraq to Malaysia.(19)
然而,它收集有关在 25 个穆斯林占多数国家的攻击的信息从伊拉克到马来西亚。

The information shows that 75 percent of all deaths from terrorist attacks from 2001 to 2015 took place in those countries.(20)
资料显示,从 2001 年到 2015 年的恐怖袭击死亡人数的 75%发生在这些国家。

During that time, there were 3,689 deaths in the United States and Western Europe from terrorist attacks.(21)
在这段时间,有 3,689 人死亡在美国和西欧国家免受恐怖袭击。

This includes 2,977 from the September 11, 2001 attacks. That is 2. 2 percent of all terrorism-related deaths during that time.(22)
这包括 2,977 从 2001 年 9 月 11 日的恐怖袭击。这是 2。2%的所有与恐怖主义有关的死亡,在这段时间。

Not all victims of terrorism in Muslim-majority countries are Muslims. Victims have included Christians, Yazidis and other minorities.(23)
并不是所有的穆斯林占多数的国家恐怖主义的受害者是穆斯林。受害者包括基督徒、 Yazidis 和其他少数民族。

There also have been many non-Christians among the victims of terrorist attacks in the United States and Western Europe.(24)

Michael Jensen is the data collection manager for the Global Terrorism Database.(25)
迈克尔 · 詹森是为全球恐怖主义数据库数据集合管理器。

He says it is safe to assume that the majority of victims of terrorist attacks in Muslim countries are Muslims.(26)

Driven by more than religion(27)

Information in the database shows some countries have many victims while others have very few.(28)

More than 50,000 have been killed in Iraq.(29)
在伊拉克丧生已超过 50,000。

But only six people have been killed in Malaysia in terrorist attacks in the past 15 years.(30)
但只有六人丧生在马来西亚恐怖袭击在过去的 15 年。

The reason for many of the attacks is not clear.(31)

Jensen says the large number of victims in Muslim countries compared to those in non-Muslim countries suggests that the reason is not limited to religion.(32)
Jensen 说大量的受害者相比,这些在非穆斯林国家的穆斯林国家表明其原因并不局限于宗教。

“It has to be something else,” he says.(33)

Researchers at the Institute for Economics and Peace have looked for patterns in the Global Terrorism Database.(34)

They have found two things common to countries where there is terrorism.(35)

Their research shows that 92 percent of all terrorist attacks in the past 25 years have taken place in countries with state-sponsored political violence.(36)
他们的研究表明,92%的所有的恐怖袭击,在过去的 25 年中发生了在国家与国家赞助的政治暴力。

And 88 percent of attacks have taken place in places where violent conflicts are happening.(37)
发生暴力冲突的地方发生了 88%的攻击。

In most Muslim-majority countries with a high level of terrorist activity, one or both of these problems are present.(38)

Iraq may be the strongest example of a country with a long history of state-sponsored violence and political conflict.(39)

Since the 1990s terrorists have sought to oust governments in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.(40)
自上世纪 90 年代以来恐怖分子试图推翻政府在中东、 南亚和北非。

Jensen said that in Muslim-majority countries, militants often attack citizens and property, security forces and government and diplomatic officials and institutions.(41)
詹森说,穆斯林占多数的国家,激进分子经常袭击公民和财产、 安全部队和政府和外交官员和机构。

“I think in a majority of cases where Muslims are victims of terrorism,(42)

they’re largely targeted not because they’re Muslim but because they’re police officers or soldiers or happen to be in a public place,” Jensen said.(43)

He said disputes between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims is a major source of conflict.(44)

About 10 percent of the 1.7 billion Muslims in the world are Shia.(45)
大约 10%的 17 亿穆斯林的世界是什叶派。

Professor Bulliet says Shia are being attacked by Sunni extremists from Iraq to Pakistan because they are considered a heretical minority.(46)
布利特教授说︰ 什叶派正在受到逊尼派极端分子从伊拉克到巴基斯坦,因为他们被认为是异端邪说的少数。

Bulliet says the conflict is part of a struggle for power in majority-Sunni societies.(47)

He says those societies have still not decided what power will be held by political and religious officials.(48)
他说︰ 这些社会还未决定什么力量将政治和宗教官员举行。

He adds that it is still not clear in those societies what the relationship is between religion and the modern world.(49)

He says these questions have been unanswered for many years.(50)
他说︰ 很多年来,这些问题一直悬而未决。

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