More Universities Offer Free Online Courses
2012-07-25 23:52:05

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.(1)

Earlier this year, we reported on the growth of massive open online courses, or MOOCs.(2)
今年早些时候,我们曾报道对生长的大规模开放的在线课程或 MOOCs。

These higher education courses are mostly free and, so far, largely in technical areas like computer science.(3)

MOOCs are usually open to anyone and can have thousands of students around the world.(4)
MOOCs 通常对任何人开放,可以在世界各地有成千上万的学生。

Entrepreneurs and educators are studying the different business possibilities. One idea is to make money by offering credits or certificates to students willing to pay.(5)

Another is to charge employers for connecting them with students who get top scores on online tests.(6)

Some top universities are starting to offer their own MOOCs.(7)
一些顶尖的大学都开始提供他们自己的 MOOCs。

For example, this week the University of California, Berkeley, announced it has joined a nonprofit enterprise called edX.(8)
例如,本周,加州大学伯克利分校,宣布它已加入称为 edX 非盈利企业。

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology started edX and have each invested thirty million dollars.(9)
哈佛大学和麻省理工学院开始 edX 和每年投入 3000 万美金了。

This fall, Berkeley will offer two of the seven free courses on the edX platform: Artificial Intelligence and Software as a Service.(10)
今年秋天,伯克利分校将提供两个在 edX 平台上七个免费的课程: 人工智慧与作为服务的软件。

Berkeley will also work with edX to get more universities involved. Schools that offer courses on the edX platform will be called "X Universities."(11)
伯克利还将使用 edX 让更多的高校参与进来。提供在 edX 平台上的课程的学校将会被称为 'X 大学'。

MIT professor Anant Agarwal is the president of edX, and he helped develop an electrical engineering course for the fall.(12)
麻省理工学院教授阿南特阿格沃尔 edX,主席,他帮助电气工程发展历程摔倒了。

He says the goal is to reinvent education worldwide and on campus.(13)

Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau made similar comments as he expressed a commitment to "excellence in online education."(14)
伯克利分校校长罗伯特 · Birgeneau 发表了类似意见,他表示将致力于 '卓越的在线教育'。

He says the goals are to bring higher education to more people and to enrich the quality of campus-based education.(15)

And he said he believes that working with the not-for-profit model of edX is the best way to do that.(16)
然后他说他相信 edX 不为盈利模式的工作是最好的方式做到这一点。

EdX faces for-profit competitors. One is Udacity, co-founded by Sebastian Thrun at Stanford University.(17)
EdX 面临营利性的竞争对手。其中一个是 Udacity,由 Sebastian Thrun 斯坦福大学共同创立。

Another is Coursera, started by two other Stanford computer scientists, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng.(18)
另一个是 Coursera,开始的两个其他斯坦福大学的计算机科学家,达芙妮科勒和安德鲁吴。

In fact, some Berkeley professors have been teaching free courses through Coursera. Coursera started with four universities and last week announced a big expansion for the fall.(19)
事实上,一些伯克利分校教授一直教通过 Coursera 的免费课程。Coursera 最初的四所大学,上周宣布秋季大举扩张。

One of the new partners is the University of Virginia. Just last month its popular president, Teresa Sullivan, had to resign.(20)
弗吉尼亚大学的是新的合作伙伴之一。就在上月其受欢迎的总统,特雷莎 · 沙利文,不得不辞职。

The governing board forced her out in part over suggestions that she was not moving fast enough into this new world of online education.(21)

But two weeks later, after campus protests, the board rehired her.(22)

And that’s the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Jerilyn Watson. I’m Steve Ember.(23)
而这是美国之音特别英语教育报道,由 Jerilyn Watson 写。我是史帝文安博。

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