Meet Monique, the Chicken Sailing Around the World
2016-06-14 20:59:39

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Guirec Soudee is sailing around the world.(2)
斯 Soudee 驾船环游世界。

The 24-year-old Frenchman has already been at sea for two years.(3)
今年 24 岁的法国人已经在海上了两年。

He set sail from the Canary Islands in May of 2014.(4)
他从起航加那利群岛 2014 年 5 月。

He has since traveled along Africa’s west coast, through the Caribbean Sea and up to the Arctic Ocean.(5)

Soudee is the only person on his sailboat. But he is not making the trip alone. He brought along his pet chicken with him.(6)
Soudee 是他的帆船上唯一的人。但他不做这次旅行独自。他带了沿着他的宠物鸡。

Soudee met Monique the hen on the Canary Islands shortly before he began his around-the-world voyage.(7)
Soudee 遇到莫妮克母鸡放在加那利群岛,不久前他开始他环游世界的航行。

At the time, the bird was only about four months old.(8)

Soudee told a BBC reporter that he knew “she was the one straight away.”(9)
Soudee 告诉 BBC 记者,他知道"她是一个直线距离。

While planning for his trip, Soudee had considered bringing along an animal for companionship, but not necessarily a chicken.(10)
规划时,他的旅行,Soudee 曾考虑带动物的陪伴,但不是一定是一只鸡。

But as he told the BBC reporter, “the hen was an ideal choice.(11)
但正如他告诉 BBC 记者,"这只母鸡是理想的选择。

It doesn’t need that much looking after and I’m able to get eggs at sea.” He noted that Monique makes about six eggs a week.(12)

The sailing chicken has made international news.(13)

The story has also become popular on social media. As one Twitter user wrote this week, “this hen has a better life than me.”(14)
这个故事也成为流行在社交媒体上。有一个 Twitter 用户本周写道,"这只母鸡有比我更好的生活"。

Monique and her owner are currently in Greenland. They plan to sail to Alaska next.(15)

You can find reports about Soudee's trip on his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.(16)
你可以找到关于 Soudee 的旅行他的 Facebook,Instagram 和 YouTube 页面上的报告。

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