South Pacific Islands Now Totally Powered by the Sun
2012-11-27 00:02:59

From VOA Learning English, this is the TECHNOLOGY REPORT in Special English.(1)

Officials say the islands of Tokelau in the South Pacific Ocean have become the world’s first territory totally powered by the sun.(2)

The move is expected to save money and ease the environmental burden of depending on imported fossil fuels.(3)

New Zealand’s foreign affairs minister released a statement about The Tokelau Renewable Energy Project.(4)

Murray McCully said Tokelau’s three main atolls, or islands, now have enough solar capacity to meet all of their electricity needs.(5)

He said until now, Tokelau has been one hundred percent dependent on diesel for producing electricity.(6)
他说: 直到现在,托克劳已百分之百依赖柴油发电。

That, he said, has burdened the country with heavy economic and environmental costs.(7)

The three atolls of Tokelau are Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo. The group of islands is about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii and is administered by New Zealand.(8)
托克劳的三个环礁岛是阿塔富、 努库诺努和法考福。群岛集团是关于中途新西兰和夏威夷之间和由新西兰管理。

Together they have about one thousand five hundred citizens.(9)

Each atoll received its own solar power grid system. New Zealand officials estimated the cost of the project to build the three solar grids at around seven million dollars.(10)
每个环礁收到自己的太阳能电力网格系统。新西兰官员估计要生成的三个太阳能网格在大约 700 万美金的项目的费用。

The last of the grids was completed earlier this month.(11)

It is estimated that oil imports make up to thirty percent of national income in some parts of the Pacific.(12)
据估计在太平洋的一些地区进口石油使达 30%的国民收入。

The move to solar power could save Tokelau about one million dollars a year.(13)
搬迁到太阳能发电可以保存托克劳一年的 100 万美金。

One project coordinator said Tokelau would now be able to spend more on social programs to help its citizens.(14)

Other South Pacific islands are attempting similar projects.(15)

The island nations of Samoa and Tuvalu are aiming to get all of their electricity from renewable sources by twenty-twenty.(16)

The Cook Islands plans to start moving to solar panels and wind turbines. And most houses in the South Pacific groups of islands will begin to use solar water heaters.(17)

East Timor's government has promised that no households in the capital, Dili, would be using firewood for cooking by twenty fifteen.(18)

It also says fifty percent of the country's electricity will come from renewable sources by the end of the decade.(19)

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says the country will hold a Pacific energy summit in March next year.(20)
新西兰外交部长默里 · 麦卡利说,该国将太平洋能源峰会在 3 月明年举行。

He said the meeting would build on the success of clean and affordable energy solutions for Tokelau, Tonga, and the Cook Islands.(21)
他说: 会议将为托克劳、 汤加、 库克群岛、 纽埃岛建立成功的清洁和可负担得起的能源解决方案。

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