Saving Money for College
2012-07-06 13:18:56

This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.(1)

How much does a college education cost? In the United States, the College Board releases yearly reports on prices at colleges and universities.(2)

The group bases its findings on "published" tuition and fees, meaning the prices officially listed by the school.(3)
集团基地其调查结果对 '发布' 学费和费用,意味着学校正式列的价格。

Students might pay less for instance, if they receive scholarships.(4)

Nationally, tuition and fees at public four year colleges and universities rose more than 8 percent during the academic year that just ended.(5)
在国家一级,学费和在公众四年高校收费在刚刚结束的学年期间上涨超过 8%。

The increase was seven percent if you exclude California. California has about ten percent of the nation’s full-time students in public four-year colleges.(6)
如果排除加州增加,是 7%。加州在四年制公立大学中有大约 10%的国家的全日制学生。

In-state tuition and fees averaged more than eight thousand dollars nationally. The average total charge  which includes housing and meals was seventeen thousand dollars.(7)
在国家学费和费用全国平均超过 8 千元。其中包括住房及用餐的平均总费用是 1 万 7000 美元。

The total charge for students from out of state was thirty thousand dollars.(8)
从国家学生的总费用是 3 万美金。

Tuition and fees increased four and a half percent at private nonprofit four year schools. That was still higher than the inflation rate. The average was twenty-eight thousand five hundred dollars.(9)
学费和费用增加私营非营利组织四年学校四个半 %。这就是仍然高于通胀率。平均是 2 万 8500 美元。

For profit schools charged an estimated fourteen thousand dollars in tuition and fees. That was up 3.2 percent from the year before.(10)
对于利润学校收取学费和其他费用估计的 1 万 4000 美元。这是前一年的 3.2%。

One way for parents in the United States to start saving for college when their child is still very young is called a 529 plan.(11)
在美国的父母的一种方法以开始保存为大学生当他们的孩子仍是很年轻时就称为 529 计划。

The plans are named for the part of the federal tax law that created them in nineteen ninety-six. All fifty states and the District of Columbia offer them.(12)
计划命名的联邦税法在十九 96 创建它们的一部分。所有五十个州和哥伦比亚特区的给他们。

Private investment companies operate most of these plans, and each state has its own rules. Many plans are open to families from other states.(13)

Five twenty-nine plans offer different investment choices.(14)
5:29 上午计划提供了不同的投资选择。

Families must decide how aggressively they want to put money into stocks, bonds or other investments that can rise or fall in value.(15)
家庭必须决定如何积极,他们想要把钱投入股票、 债券或其他投资可以升值或贬值。

There are limits on how much families can put into 529 plans.(16)
多少家庭可以投入 529 计划有限制。

Another choice is called a prepaid tuition plan. Parents can pay for an education at a public college or university in their state while their child is still growing up.(17)

But what if the child decides to go to school out of state, or not at all? The money can go to educate another family member, or the parents can withdraw it and pay taxes on the gains.(18)

There are other ways to save for college while also saving on taxes. One way is to put money for a child into what is called a custodial account until the child becomes an adult.(19)

And that's the VOA Special English Economics Report. I'm Faith Lapidus.(20)

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