How Can Golf Appeal to More People?
2016-05-28 21:02:43

Golf is big business in America, with a total economy estimated at nearly 70 billion dollars.(1)
高尔夫是在美国,估计有近 700 亿美金的经济总量的生意。

The U.S. is also the world’s biggest market for golf equipment, according to a report from Golf Datatech.(2)

The other top countries are Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada and China.(3)
其他最多的国家是日本、 韩国、 英国、 加拿大和中国。

But the industry is working on ways to make golf more appealing, especially to young Americans.(4)

The CEO of the U.S.-based World Golf Foundation, Steve Mona, told VOA he believes the current state of golf is healthy and stable.(5)

His group says about 20 million Americans regularly play the game.(6)
他的小组说,约 2000 万美国人经常玩这个游戏。

But Mona also sees the need for change, to get more people to discover and play golf.(7)

He said the industry has focused on ways to make the game faster, more playable and fun.​(8)
他说 ︰ 业界已重点放在如何让游戏更快,更可播放和乐趣。

Modern Changes on the Course(9)

Some golf courses have expanded fairways so golfers have less chance of losing balls in water or trees.(10)

Others move up the starting point for young or new players, so they are closer to the hole.(11)

Some new courses also have fewer obstacles than in the past, such as water ponds or sand traps.(12)

And the area near the hole is sometimes designed flatter, to keep the ball from rolling too much.(13)

These changes could also attract adult golfers who want to play a faster, less difficult game.(14)
这些变化也会吸引成人的高尔夫球手,想玩更快捷、 更艰难的比赛。

But with young people, Mona said it is important to get them interested at an early age.(15)

One program to do this is the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship, for girls and boys ages 7-15.(16)
一个程序来做这是驱动器、 芯片和推杆冠军为 7-15 岁的女孩和男孩。

The name of the competition refers to golf’s three main skills. Driving is when a golfer hits the ball far at the start of the game.(17)

A chip is a much shorter shot, usually taken close to the hole.(18)

Putting refers to hitting the ball softly in the area near the hole, called the green.(19)

Junior Golf Champions(20)

Girls and boys from all 50 U.S. states compete in the championship.(21)
女孩和男孩从美国所有 50 个州竞争冠军。

Organizers say the program has been one of the best ways to bring young people to golf.(22)

But Mona said it is not enough just to get people interested.(23)
但莫娜说 ︰ 它不是足够的只是为了引起人们的兴趣。

“The challenge for us in the golf industry is we have to convert interest into trial,” he said.(24)

“And then convert trial into actual participation in the game.”(25)

Sam Schmitz is studying professional golf management at Eastern Kentucky University.(26)
Sam 施密茨正在研究在东肯塔基大学专业高尔夫管理。

He also believes speeding up the game will get more people to try golf.(27)

“For the younger generation, the biggest complaint about golf is how long it takes,” he said. A full game can last four hours.(28)

Old Traditions Changing?(29)

Golf is a very traditional game and has not changed much over the years.(30)

But Schmitz said many young people may become golfers for life if they see how fun and challenging it is.(31)
但施米茨说 ︰ 是否他们看到很多年轻人可能成为高尔夫球手的生活乐趣和挑战性是如何。

His favorite parts of golf are being with others and enjoying the nature and beauty of different courses.(32)

“It’s something different every time,” he said. “You have that one course you play a lot, but you can always go somewhere else and find a new challenge and new people.”(33)

When it comes to course design, Schmitz said there are no big changes happening across the industry.(34)

But one design trend is to combine golf courses with other business and housing developments.(35)

Mona sees this trend getting bigger as golf expands into new areas.(36)

He also said some old courses are also being repurposed for commercial use or as part of large economic projects.(37)

Golf Course to Green Space(38)

One way to convert old courses in the United States is to turn them into parks or recreation areas for the whole community to enjoy.(39)

One of these projects is in Grafton, Ohio, where the former Royal Oaks Golf Club was turned into a nature area.(40)
这些项目之一就是在格拉夫顿,俄亥俄州前, 皇家橡树高尔夫俱乐部被变成自然生态区。

About 39 hectares of the old golf course were converted into walking trails, hiking areas and fish ponds.(41)
约 39 公顷的高尔夫球场老被转换了成步行小径、 徒步旅行领域和鱼塘。

The area will also protect the habitat of certain plants and animals threatened in Ohio.(42)

Jerry Jewell lives in the area but is not a golfer. He said he likes that he can now use the green space.(43)
杰里 · 朱厄尔生活在该地区,但不是一个高尔夫球手。他说他喜欢他现在可以使用的绿色空间。

“I lived there before when it was a golf course but I never came back and played golf on it.(44)
"我就住在那儿之前它是高尔夫球场,但我永远不会回来了上, 打高尔夫球。

So I never got a chance to see what it looked like, as far as the landscape and stuff.”(45)

The non-profit Western Reserve Land Conservancy partnered with local park officials to buy the land.(46)

Joe Leslie of Western Reserve said the project is a great addition because everybody can now use it for recreation.(47)
Joe Leslie 的西部储备说该项目是一个伟大的除了因为大家现在可以使用它为娱乐。

“There’s a select number of people that would use a golf course.(48)

Where in the case of a passive or active recreation area, it gives the opportunity for many more people to use it.”(49)

About 10 of these projects exist in Ohio.(50)
约 10 的这些项目存在于俄亥俄州。

And officials in other states are also looking at ways to repurpose former golf courses to create community green space.(51)

I'm Bryan Lynn.(52)
我是布赖恩 · 林恩。

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