#TeaLizard Takes Over Twitter
2016-06-21 21:03:48

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LeBron James was understandably emotional Sunday night after he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the National Basketball Association championship.(2)
勒布朗 · 詹姆斯是后他导致全国篮球协会冠军克里夫兰骑士队,这是可以理解情感周日晚上。

Photographs of the basketball star crying after the win spread quickly on social media.(3)

To some people, the photos looked a lot like the popular internet meme #CryingJordan.(4)
对某些人来说这些照片看起来很像流行的互联网 meme #CryingJordan。

A meme is a funny image or video that is copied -- with small changes -- and spread on social media.(5)
Meme 是一个有趣的图像或视频,是模仿的--与小的改变 — — 和在社交媒体上传播。

The #CryingJordan meme is based on a picture of former basketball star Michael Jordan crying.(6)
#CryingJordan meme 基于图片前篮球明星迈克尔 · 乔丹哭。

He became emotional when he joined the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.(7)
他情绪激动,当他于 2009 年加入了篮球名人堂。

People have been posting the picture on social media whenever their favorite sports team loses or in connection with any other disappointing event.(8)

On Tuesday, the ABC television show Good Morning America asked its followers on Twitter about a possible new #CryingLeBron meme.(9)
星期二,ABC 电视节目早安美国问其追随者在推特上关于可能的新 #CryingLeBron meme。

The tweet made note of other famous memes.(10)

The Tweet included the photo of Michael Jordan crying and a picture of Kermit the Frog drinking tea.(11)
推特内容包括迈克尔 · 乔丹哭的照片和图片的克米特青蛙喝茶。

Kermit the Frog is part of the popular Internet meme known as “None of My Business.”(12)
青蛙是部分受欢迎的互联网 meme 称为"关我屁事"。

People use the Kermit meme to make jokes about “questionable behaviors in everyday social situations,” according to the website KnowYourMeme.com.(13)
人们用科密 meme 开玩笑"可疑行为在日常的社会情况下,"网站 KnowYourMeme.com。

Kermit is one of the Muppets, a group of characters created by puppeteer Jim Henson.(14)
克米特是布偶,一组字符由吉姆 · 汉森的木偶戏表演者之一。

The Disney Company now controls the rights to the Muppets. The company also owns ABC TV.(15)
迪斯尼公司现在控制着布偶的权利。公司还拥有 ABC 电视。

Good Morning America’s tweet read: “Does #CryingLeBron join other meme greats like #tealizard, [and] #CryingJordan?”(16)
Good Morning America’s tweet read:"#CryingLeBron 加入其他 meme 伟人像 #tealizard,和 #CryingJordan?"

Twitter users quickly reacted, criticizing the TV show for calling Kermit the Frog a lizard.(17)
Twitter 用户的反应速度快,批评电视节目叫青蛙一只蜥蜴。

By definition, a ‘lizard’ is a reptile that has a long body and tail, and rough, uneven skin.(18)

Kermit is, of course, a frog puppet. Not a lizard puppet.(19)

People on social media mocked Good Morning America for mistaking the world-famous frog for a lizard.(20)

The #tealizard hashtag quickly took over the Internet.(21)
#tealizard 标签迅速接管了互联网。

By early Tuesday, #tealizard was a trending topic on Twitter. And the fun began.(22)
星期二早上,#tealizard 已经在 twitter 上的热门话题。好玩的事开始。

One Twitter user questioned whether or not the #tealizard error was a mistake, or “whether some evil genius at GMA” created it on purpose.(23)
有一个 Twitter 用户质疑 #tealizard 错误是否是一个错误,或"是否在 GMA 一些邪恶的天才"故意创造了它。

While the people directing Good Morning America’s Twitter account might not have known about Kermit’s “none of my business” meme, LeBron James himself surely has.(24)
虽然人们指挥早安美国 Twitter 帐户可能不知道关于青蛙的"不关我事"模因,勒布朗-詹姆斯自己肯定有。

He posted an Instagram photo of himself wearing a Kermit the Frog “None of my business” hat.(25)
他张贴 instagram 的自己穿着克米特青蛙"不关我事"的帽子。

James posted the photo on Monday, many hours before the GMA tweet.(26)
詹姆斯发布的照片上星期一,几个小时之前的 GMA 鸣叫。

The photo included a note to his critics and doubters, and ended with the line “but guess what, that’s none of my business.”(27)

And that’s What’s Trending Today.(28)

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