New Rules on US Summer Jobs for Foreign Students
2012-05-31 00:40:12

This is the VOA Special English Education Report.(1)

More than one hundred thousand international students will spend this summer working and traveling in the United States.(2)
超过 10 万国际学生将花在今年夏天工作和在美国旅行。

They are participating in the Summer Work Travel program through the State Department.They receive J-1 exchange visitor visas.(3)
他们正在参加暑期工作旅行计划通过国家 Department.They 获得 J 1 交换访问签证。

The idea is for students to work for up to three months and earn enough money to then spend a month traveling before they return home.(4)

The Summer Work Travel program has existed for years.This year there are some changes.The State Department recently amended the employment rules.(5)

These changes follow a strike last summer by foreign students working at a distribution center for Hershey's chocolates.(6)

The State Department said the students were put to work for long hours in jobs that provided little or no contact with the outside world.(7)

The students complained about having to lift heavy boxes and to work overnight.(8)

They and other workers protested conditions at the plant in Palmyra, Pennsylvania.The students also complained about being underpaid as a result of deductions from their earnings.(9)
他们和其他工人抗议在巴尔米拉工厂条件,Pennsylvania.The 学生还抱怨的工资太低而从其收入中扣除。

Some of their pay had to go to subcontractors involved in the operations.(10)

The State Department has now banned the use of Summer Work Travel students in warehouses or packaging plants.(11)

Also, the majority of their work hours cannot fall between ten at night and six in the morning.(12)
而且,其工作时间的大部分不能属于晚上十时至早上 6。

More jobs will be banned in the fall.These include most construction, manufacturing and food processing jobs.(13)
更多就业机会将被禁止在秋天。这些包括大多数建造业、 制造业和食品加工的工作。

Summer Work Travel students will also not be allowed to work in most mining and agricultural jobs.(14)

Daniel Costa at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington welcomed the new limits on jobs that the students can fill.(15)
在华盛顿经济政策研究所的丹尼尔 · 科斯塔上作业的学生可以填充欢迎新的限制。

DANIEL COSTA: "That is good because it will protect the actual foreign workers from getting injured on the job.(16)
DANIEL COSTA:' 这是好的因为它将防止实际外国工人受伤在工作上。

It also protects U.S. workers, because there is high unemployment in a lot of those occupations."(17)
它也保护美国工人,因为有大量的那些职业的高失业率。 '

He also praised a requirement that employers only fill temporary or seasonal jobs with Summer Work Travel students.(18)

He noted that some employers have continually hired new student workers to avoid having to hire regular full-time employees.(19)

Jacob Horwitz is lead organizer for the National Guestworker Alliance, the group that organized the strike in Palmyra.(20)
雅各布 · 霍维茨是铅主办单位为国家 Guestworker 联盟,在巴尔米拉组织这次罢工的组。

JACOB HORWITZ: "The changes to the J-1 rules really recognize the demands that the students put forward, and both add a whole set of protections and changes that protect local workers who work in industries that use guest workers and also protect future J-1 students."(21)
JACOB HORWITZ:' J 1 规则的更改真的承认要求学生们提出,两者都添加了一整套保护和保障本地工人从事行业使用 guest 工人,也保护未来 J 1 学生的变化 '。

He says the State Department's changes will help return the program to its original purpose as a cultural exchange program.(22)

And that's the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Jerilyn Watson. I'm Jim Tedder.(23)
而这是美国之音特别英语教育报道,由 Jerilyn Watson 写。我是吉姆特德。

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