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First Ever Live Computer-Human Debate: Who Won?


Greenpeace: Plastic, Chemical Pollution Widespread in Antarctica


Google Bans Its AI Technology for Weapons Work


Developments in Exoskeleton Technology Could Help Some Walk Again


Changing Climate Threatens Habitat on Assateague Island


Scientists Identify Genes Behind Humans' Big Brains


On Mars, NASA Finds ‘Organic’ Substances Linked to Life


Dinosaur Skeleton of Possible New Species Sells for $2.3 Million


U.S. Teens Dropping Facebook for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat


‘Alien Asteroid’ Could Be Oldest Object in Our Solar System


Study: Planet-Warming Gasses Make Food Less Nutritious


Pill Combines Biology, Electronics to Recognize Diseases


Study: Humans Know How to Throw Their Weight Around


Smart Farm Equipment to Greatly Reduce Use of Chemicals


Jupiter’s Moon Europa May Be Top Candidate for Life


Electrified Road Can Charge Moving Vehicles


Marijuana Growers Turn to Hemp to Fight Oversupply


Scientists Change Biology with Technology


Scientists: Ozone-Eating Chemical Mysteriously Rising


California to Require Solar Power for New Homes


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