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Japanese Engineer Builds Huge Robot of His Dreams


Ancient Finger Bone Found in Saudi Arabia is 90,000 Years Old


‘Smart Farm’ Technology Tracks Behavior of Cows


Organization Urges Young African Scientists to Become ‘the Next Einstein’


New Technology Harvests Energy from River and Tidal Movement


Robots Bring Change to Construction Industry


Lawmakers Raise Possibility of Regulating Facebook


Daylight Turns Thin Plastic Barrier into Germ-Killing Material


Researchers: Many Black Holes in Center of Milky Way Galaxy


US Space Agency Expands Search for Distant Planets Able to Support Life


Robots Not Ready to Take Over


Scientists: Bowhead Whales Are 'Jazz Singers of the Arctic'


New Facebook Tool Provides Information About News Publishers


NASA's Juno Spacecraft Shows the Makeup of Jupiter


Scientists: Early Humans Were Not as Simple as One Would Think


Wildlife Experts Worry About Lack of Newborn Right Whales


3D Printer Can Create Complete Home in One Day


Researchers: Glowing Cancer Cells Easier to Find, Remove


Can Self-Driving Cars Be Engineered to Be Ethical?


Facebook Likes Can Tell a Lot About You


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