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Facebook Feed to Show Less News, More Personal Posts


Scientists Aim to Give AI to Robot Cat That Helps the Elderly


Using Cats to Explain Cryptocurrency and Blockchain


How Will Machines and AI Change the Future of Work?


Newly Discovered Solar System Matches Our Own


World's First Nuclear Fusion Reactor 50 Percent Complete


Gene Therapy for Rare Form of Blindness Approved in US


Facebook Admits Social Media Can Harm Mental Health


What We Can Learn By Watching Sleeping Dogs


France Hopes to Get More Wind Energy from Its Coasts


Scientists Found Ancient Penguin as Big as Human


3 New Google Apps to Create Better Photo Effects


Doctors Use Virtual Reality to Prepare for Surgeries


Conservation Group Sees Better Future for Two Kiwi Birds


Is Water Really on Mars?


Facebook Opens to Children Under 13 for Messaging


Coastal City's Future Depends on Costly, Unpopular Changes


What to Do with Radioactive Water from Fukushima


Scientists Find No Evidence of Yeti


Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Fight Suicide


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