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What Are Those Marks on the Olympic Athletes?


US Government Approves Private Moon Shot


1300 UTC Newscast in English


Trump Vows to Cut Taxes in Economic Policy Speech


Japanese Emperor: Too Old to Rule?


UN Wants Australia to Take Lead Against Asian Drug Traffic


Iran Executes a Nuclear Scientist for Spying for the US


In Syria's Civil War, Kurds Enjoy Language Freedoms


Olympic Firsts Highlight Opening Weekend


US May Reach Goal of Accepting 10,000 Syrian Refugees


Scientist to Sequence Genes in Space


Football Player's Non-Profit Supports Start-ups in Africa


New Company Plans Very Small Electronic Medical Treatments


Lesson 24: Yesterday Was Amazing!


When It Rains, Make Beer


Ivory Coast Hopes to Increase its Chocolate Production


More Than a Place, Silicon Valley Is a Culture


Tell Them You 'Heard it Through the Grapevine'


Who Are the Libertarian and Green Party Presidential Candidates?


How Safe are U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Turkey?


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