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Twitter Changes its Character Limit


Indonesia Strikes Down Plans for Development in Rainforest


'Game of Thrones' Breaks Emmy Award Record


Health Hackers: Alzheimer’s Patients Help Themselves


Bombing Suspect Captured After Shootout with Police


Study: 100,000 Deaths From Indonesia's Haze


Record Number of Hispanic Americans Ready to Vote for President


U.N.: Millions of Refugee Children Cannot Attend School


Voters in Just a Few States Will Decide US Presidential Election


New Orleans Coffee Arrives in Vietnam


Lesson 29: A Long Time Ago


Californians to Vote on Ending Death Penalty


Pulp from Plants Makes Packaging More Earth-Friendly


Son of Nigerian Immigrants Satisfies Dream of Flying


Scientists: Failure to Trust Vaccines Can Cause Spread of Disease


US Intelligence Officials Call for Discussions on Privacy, Security


Eureka! A Word of Discovery


Campaign Launched to Pardon Edward Snowden


Peace and Quiet at Isle Royale National Park


Foreign Diplomats and U.S. Officials Clean a Florida Beach


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