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Security, South China Sea Are Major Issues at ASEAN


Verizon Buys Yahoo for $5 Billion


VOA English Newscast 1500 UTC July 25, 2016


New Trend in Women World Leaders?


IS Mostly Ineffective, But Threat Is Rising in SE Asia


Kids Learn With 'Man's Best Friend'


Two Events Blamed for Dinosaur Deaths


US Investigates Missing Money in Malaysia


Philippines Leader Duterte: Just Call Me President


Islamic State Is Said to Be Shrinking in Cyberspace


Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?


Shenandoah: A Western-Style Park in the East


Trump Follows Nixon’s Lead in Calling for Law and Order


US Park Service Director: A Dream Job


Exhibit Explores Power of Press in 18th Century


Trump's Untraditional Path to the Republican Nomination


You Want to Learn About Tag Questions, Don't You?


Michelle Obama Appears on 'Carpool Karaoke'


Indian State Imposes ‘Fat Tax’ on Fast Food


London's Businesses Look to Move after Brexit


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