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Scientists Say Climate Change Is Real and Human-Caused


India Ends Silence on Women's Issues


Terrorism Threat Remains Strong in Africa


When Is a Choice Not Really a Choice?


Pakistan Criticizes India’s Moves to Fight Polio


Extreme Cold Freezes Much of United States


US Economy Improves, But Not for Everyone


Gospel Music Restoration Project for New Museum


Burma Saves a Synagogue


UN Refugee Agency Struggles to Help Displaced in South Sudan


Pollution Threatens Health of 200 Million


African Women Farmers Working for Better Lives


More Diseases Now Spreading from Animals to Humans


Welcome to Julissa’s Quinceañera!


Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Trains, Cats and Dogs -- They're All on Calendars


All About Cats - The World's Favorite Pet


US, Japanese Stocks Rise in 2013


Liberian Women Learn to Read and Write


Arab Spring Violence Damaging Mental Health in the Middle East


2013: Pop Music Hits and Losses


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