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Syria, Russia Accuse US of Lying about Chemical Weapons Attacks


Angola’s New President Promises to Kill Corruption


Trump to Attend Davos Meeting, Trade Likely a Top Issue


People Slowly Return to Former Rebel Stronghold of Homs


Turkey Steps Up Offensive Against Kurdish Militia in Syria


North Korea Works Out Details for PyeongChang Games


Report Warns Traffic Deaths Hurt Developing Economies


Two Giant Pandas Arrive in Snowy Finland


With Water Supply Nearly Dry, Cape Town Declares ‘Day Zero’


Africa's Largest Animals Decrease in Wartime


New Market to Serve as ‘Model’ for Cambodia-Vietnam Trade


North, South Korea to March Together at Winter Olympics


Bitcoin Loses Half of Its Value


Japan Gets False Missile Warning, After Hawaii Incident


Bangladesh to Send Rohingya Back to Myanmar


Saudi Arabia Holds Car Show Just for Women


Erdogan: NATO Must Take Stance against US


UN: Technology Threatens Whistled Language in Turkey


Children of Terror Left Behind in Iraq


High Patient Death Rates after Operations in African Hospitals


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