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Making of a Nation: 18th Century Conflicts in Europe


Have a headache? You are not alone.


US and Chinese Presidents Meet in California


Street Children in Ethiopia Need Shelter – Not Getting It


Mobile Phones Changing Lives in Kenya


James Q. Wilson Changes Policing in America


Old Proverbs Still Speak the Truth


Afghan Fashion Designer Creates Dresses, Jobs


School Lunch Important for Health and Education


Erdogan Rejects Criticism of Turkey Protests


Presence of Female Peacekeepers in Lebanon Continues to Grow


Cash Mobs Help Local Businesses and the Economy


The Making of a Nation: America's Southern Colonies Expand - Program No. 7


"Wise People" Urge Peace in Turkey


Second Chance for Abandoned Babies in South Africa


Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops


Kenyan President Linked to 2007-2008 Violence


The Potomac River Flows Through Cities, History


Proverbs Tell How to Succeed in Life


Wrestling May Still Be an Olympic Sport


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