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In Eastern DRC, Ex-Fighters Make a New Life With Coffee


Election 2012: Economy, Immigration and the Role of Government


Eastern United States Struggles to Recover from Huge Storm


Are Smartphone Apps Encouraging Young Smokers?


Scientists Dispute Study of Genetically Modified Corn


Edwin Hubble Changed Our Ideas About the Universe and Its Birth


Can You 'Think and Grow Rich?' A Famous Books Says, 'Yes'


A Story for Halloween: 'Innocence Burned'


Week of Final Presidential Debate Ends With More Campaign Activities


Mystery In Sky Over North Carolina; Holiday for the Dead; Chart Climbing Music


The Risks of Language for Health Translators


High and Fast: the X-15 Reached the Edge of Space


AMERICAN HISTORY: Slavery in the American South


Mali Conflict Keeps Children Out of School


Irrigation Pioneer Wins World Food Prize


High-Level Delegations Meet for Talks on Mali Crisis


Nobel Prize in Economics Recognizes 'Market Designers'


Mobile Phones Could Help Efforts to End Malaria


Corn Maze Craze; Skydive and SpaceX; Songs From Above


American History: Southern Colonies Develop on Farming Economy


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