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Nearly 1,000 at State Department Oppose Trump's Travel Ban


Driverless Electric Buses Tested in Paris, Las Vegas


Argentine Mothers Grow Marijuana to Help Their Children


Disney Releases Final ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Trailer


California Border Schools Celebrate Bilingualism


Trump Fires Official Who Refused to Defend Travel Ban


US Has a Long History of Restricting Immigrants


Why Do People Blink Their Eyes?


New Way to Prevent Peanut Allergies


'Stranger Things' Wins Actors' Group Award


Trump Being Compared to Former President Andrew Jackson


Israel Builds World's Largest Solar Tower


Thousands Who Left Fukushima Face Hardship


Could NATO Survive without US Support?


Iranians Concerned About Health Effects of Broadcast Jamming Equipment


Students in Amsterdam Share Housing With Refugees


UN: North Korean Airline Facing More Restrictions


Thousands Protest at Annual 'March for Life' in Washington


Kansas Police Department Shows Sense of Humor


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