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Under Trump, Foreign Aid Programs May Change


China’s President Supports Free Trade at World Economic Meeting


Theresa May Says Britain Will Leave the Single Market


Search Ends for Malaysia Flight 370, But Mystery Remains


Yoga Exercises Added to US School Programs


Trump Clash with John Lewis Leads to Inauguration Boycott


Police Arrest Suspect in New Year's Eve Attack in Turkey


China: ‘One-China’ Policy and Taiwan Not Negotiable


Regrowth of Heart Muscle May Be Possible


Washington Businesses, Hotels Prepare for Trump Inauguration


Report: Eight Men Own as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population


New Orleans Cooking Meets a Taste of Vietnam


MLK Day: The Fight for a Holiday to Celebrate Peace


Very Large Crack Creating Iceberg in Antarctica


Lesson 42: I Was Minding My Own Business


Obama Leaves Healthy US Economy to Trump


Norway to End FM Radio Broadcasts


The Cost of Doing Business


New Coin Shows 'Lady Liberty' as African-American Woman


Alaskan Police Launch Kindness Campaign


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