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2016 US Election is Hard for Civics Teachers


Fall Colors Not Only Red and Blue


Will the American Election Affect US Foreign Policy in Asia?


Meet Someone Special by Covering Up Your Face


Underwater Exploration at Biscayne National Park


'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,' by Washington Irving


And the Winner Is… Store Owner Predicts Next US President


More Hardship in Afghanistan as 800,000 Afghans Return Home


What Are the FBI and Department of Justice?


FBI Director Accused of Interfering in US Election


Chicago Cubs Win World Series


Grammar and US Presidential Elections: Part Two


Democratic VP Candidate Was Lawyer, Mayor and Governor


1200 UTC Newscast for November 3, 2016


New Computers from Microsoft and Apple


Turkey Suspends Thousands of Teachers in Kurdish Areas


How the Technology Industry Is Helping Refugees


Strange Video of 'Ice Monster' Recorded in Alaska


Indiana Governor Brings Balance to Republican Ticket


Growing Number of American Girls Question School Dress Codes


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