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Lesson 36: I Can Fix This!


Trump Supporters Expect President-elect to Carry Out Promises


Rising Number of Heroin Users on Kenya’s Coast


What do Spider Webs and Guitar Strings Have in Common?


Lobbyists: Part of the Lawmaking Process


Kenya Expanding Purple Tea Production


Putting Namibia on the World Music Map


Skateboarder Group Exchanges Tricks and Support


Risks and Rewards at Zion National Park


Former Philippine President Marcos Buried with Military Honors


Number of Female Lawmakers in US Grows, But Still Low


Kanye West Talks Politics


Understanding Adverbs: Always


Students Examine Racism After Watching Documentary


Lawyers in Cameroon Are Fighting the Justice System


FBI: US Hate Crimes Rose in 2015


Pakistan Orders Turkish Educators to Leave the Country


Why Are South African Students Protesting?


New Google Flights Tool Tells When Airfare Prices May Change


Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal in Most US States


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