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Using Electromagnetic Waves to Fight Depression


1300 UTC Newscast for September 21


Economic Numbers Improve, But Some Americans Feel 'Left Behind'


US Rushes to Admit Refugees Before End of September


Twitter Changes its Character Limit


Indonesia Strikes Down Plans for Development in Rainforest


'Game of Thrones' Breaks Emmy Award Record


Health Hackers: Alzheimer’s Patients Help Themselves


Bombing Suspect Captured After Shootout with Police


Study: 100,000 Deaths From Indonesia's Haze


Record Number of Hispanic Americans Ready to Vote for President


U.N.: Millions of Refugee Children Cannot Attend School


Voters in Just a Few States Will Decide US Presidential Election


New Orleans Coffee Arrives in Vietnam


Lesson 29: A Long Time Ago


Californians to Vote on Ending Death Penalty


Pulp from Plants Makes Packaging More Earth-Friendly


Son of Nigerian Immigrants Satisfies Dream of Flying


Scientists: Failure to Trust Vaccines Can Cause Spread of Disease


US Intelligence Officials Call for Discussions on Privacy, Security


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