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Company Helps International Students Get American Credit Cards


Violence Restarts in Ukraine


Argentine Mothers Grow Marijuana to Help Their Children


Thousands Who Left Fukushima Face Hardship


Could NATO Survive without US Support?


Iranians Concerned About Health Effects of Broadcast Jamming Equipment


Students in Amsterdam Share Housing With Refugees


UN: North Korean Airline Facing More Restrictions


Venezuela's Economic Problems Will Grow, IMF Predicts


Mexican President Cancels Meeting with Trump


Turkey Expects Better Relationship With US under Trump


A Market Grows on a Broken Bridge in Mosul


China’s Planned 'Silk Road' Reaches London


Report: Populist Leaders Can Make Corruption Worse


Turkey, Russia and Iran Hold Syrian Peace Talks


TPP Nations Seek to Save Trade Deal after US Withdraws


British Court Says Parliament Must Approve Brexit


China to Clear Path on Mekong River for Large Ships


Will Trump’s Presidency Boost Global Populist Movements?


Google Inspires Entrepreneurs Around the World


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