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Conflicts Displace People Around the World


Marking China’s Wenchuan Earthquake


Bollywood Turns 100


Bangladesh Building Collapse Kills More Than 500


Tensions High on Korean Peninsula


Navigation App Helps Predict Traffic Conditions


Pope Francis Represents Firsts for Catholics


Venezuela Mourns President Hugo Chavez


Pope Benedict Says Goodbye as Leader of the Worldwide Roman Catholic Church


EU Agrees to $1.3 Trillion Budget


The Debate Over Targeted Killings


How English Evolved Into a Modern Language


India Looking for Answers After the deadly Rape of a Young Woman in New Delhi


Where Did the English Language Come From?


Banking Reform Is Central to Burma’s Economic Progress


American Intelligence Report Predicts China will be World’s Leading Economic Power by 2030


Muslim Brotherhood Ready for More Active Role in Jordan


Palestinians Cheer UN General Assembly Vote


Older Populations Are a Fact of Life for Many Countries


Morsi's New Powers Bring Protests in Egypt


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