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Changing Presidents Can Be a 'Very Stressful Process'


How Did Thanksgiving 'Turkey' Get its Name?


Make a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal with Learning English


Trump: US to Withdraw From Trans-Pacific Trade Deal


Many Americans Like Obama, But Reject His Party


Homeless Population Down in America, But 'Spreading' Worldwide


Trump Supporters Expect President-elect to Carry Out Promises


Skateboarder Group Exchanges Tricks and Support


Number of Female Lawmakers in US Grows, But Still Low


FBI: US Hate Crimes Rose in 2015


Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal in Most US States


Trump Begins Forming White House Team with Campaign Loyalists


Facebook CEO Denies False News Influenced US Election


Immigrants Keep U.S. Birth Rates from Dropping


American Voters Decided More Than Just the Presidency


3D Device Lets Museum Visitors See Hidden Treasures


First Women Complete US Army Infantry Officer Course


Minnesota Elects First Female Somali American Lawmaker


Days After U.S. Election Marked By Protests


Clinton Concedes Election, Urges Supporters to Accept Trump


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