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After Surprise Win, President-Elect Trump Calls for Unity


Republicans Keep Control of Congress


Flashback: The Fight for Women's Right to Vote


How Would Hillary Clinton Govern if She Were Elected President?


Trump - 'Making America Great Again' by Running for President


Next US President Faces Economic Concerns


Candidates Busily Seeking Support in ‘Swing States’


American Voters Will Decide on More Than Just the Presidency


FBI: No Charges for Clinton After Review of New Emails


US Presidential Candidates Have Similar Positions on Terrorism


2016 US Election is Hard for Civics Teachers


And the Winner Is… Store Owner Predicts Next US President


What Are the FBI and Department of Justice?


FBI Director Accused of Interfering in US Election


Democratic VP Candidate Was Lawyer, Mayor and Governor


Indiana Governor Brings Balance to Republican Ticket


Program Helps Lift American Families Out of Poverty


Program Helps Ease Effects of Childhood Poverty in US


One in Four Married Americans Do Not Share Same Religion as Wife, Husband


Many Americans Wearing Trump or Clinton Masks on Halloween


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