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Meet Some of America's First-Time Voters


Immigrants Become Citizens at U.S. National Park


Police Remove Pipeline Protesters from Private Land in North Dakota


Jury in Oregon Finds Occupiers of a Wildlife Refuge Not Guilty


Investigation of Hillary Clinton Emails to Be Reopened


Young Voters Fearful of Future, More Support Clinton Over Trump


Leaked Emails Show Inner Workings of Clinton Campaign


Maine Voters Concerned About Income Gap


Telecommunications Deal Gets Attention of US Lawmakers, Candidates


Female Genital Mutilation Continues in Somali-American Community


What Stars Do When They Are Caught in Bad Behavior


US Congressional Race Shows Possible Power of Latino Vote


Vietnamese Community in Houston is Growing


Does Sexism Affect US Presidential Race?


Trump Is a Big Issue in US Congressional Elections


Scary Clowns Have Some Americans Worried


Political Worries Can Affect Economic Decisions


Journalists in Texas Connect US and Vietnam


US High School Completion Rate Reaches All-Time High


Free Speech: Is It Fine to Say Something Offensive?


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