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Trump Meets With House Leader Ryan


Hospice Helps Patients Live Their Final Days


American History: John Quincy Adams Wins Election of 1824 - The Making of a Nation No. 42


Obama Set To Talk to the Nation


Program Provides Food, Farming Education to Urban Poor


Extreme Cold Freezes Much of United States


Happy New Year!


Group Reports on US Intelligence-Gathering


Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag!


JFK's Peace Corps Still Going Strong


The Gettysburg Address


It's Not Worth a Hill of Beans!


A Bad Taste in My Mouth


How Will the Health Care Law Influence the 2014 Elections?


Deal Reopens Government, Extends Debt Limit


Malala Yousafzai, a Year After the Attack


Lucky Livestock Go to Maryland Animal Sanctuary


Remember the Alamo! The Making of a Nation No. 47: Andrew Jackson Part 3


Honoring the Victims of the Birmingham, Alabama Church Bombing 50 Years Ago


Andrew Jackson vs. The Bank of the United States - The Making of a Nation No.46


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