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Shooting at Connecticut School has Americans Re-Examining Gun Laws


'Tis The Season for New Christmas Albums


The Missouri is America’s Longest River


The United States Supreme Court Will Decide on Gay Marriage


Lighthouses Keep Watch Over the North Carolina Coast


Reinventing Synagogue; Students Dress for Success; '12-12-12' Concert for Hurricane Victims


A Visit to an Asian "Night Market" in Los Angeles


Remembering Dave Brubeck; Help for Stressed Parents; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees


Watching a Film in Your Car, Before the Age of the Small Screen


Pets and Disasters; Presidential Security; New Album from The Killers


The State of Vermont: Fertile Farmland, Green Mountains and Revolutionary History


Jefferson's Bible; Presidential Transportation; Rihanna 'Unapologetic'


American History: A Declaration Seeking Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


Thanksgiving, but US Turkey Farmers Aren't Celebrating


Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012: His Imagination Redefined Children’s Literature


American History: The Shot Heard Around the World


Hungry for Wealth, Gold Seekers Once Rushed to Canada’s Northwest


AMERICAN HISTORY: Relations Between Britain and its American Colonies After the French and Indian War


Medical Students Help the Homeless; Haitian Soccer Players in Maryland; Soccer Balls for Africa


President Obama Wins Second Term


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