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Ancient Manuscripts May Be Among Casualties of Malian Islamist Conflict


Celebration Turns to Retaliation Against Collaborators in Malian City of Gao


Malians 'Thrilled' to Have Jihadists Driven Out of Gao by Government Forces


Egypt's Morsi Hoped Violence Would Burn Out, Instead Spreads to More Cities


Wave of Violence Sweeps Egypt After Two-Year Anniversary of Uprising


Tensions Remain High as Malian Troops Advance Into Islamist Territory


In Light of Benghazi Hearings, Taking Stock of Arab Spring, North Africa Turmoil


Secretary of State Clinton Claims Fault for Benghazi Attack in Heated Hearing


News Wrap: Three Americans Among Casualties of Algeria Hostage Stand-Off


Crises in Algeria, Mali Reflect Regional Unrest


Accounting for Hostages in Algeria as Militant Conflict Intensifies in Mali


News Wrap: Somali Militants Execute French Hostage After Failed Rescue Attempt


Algeria Raids Gas Plant to Free Hostages; Conflicting Reports on Fallout


Northern Mali Faces Political, Economic Crisis as Islamists Gain More Control


French Troops Aid Mali in Push Back of Islamic Militants


News Wrap: U.S. and World Welcomes 2013 with New Year Celebrations


Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to NewsHour: Use Democratic Process Not Protests


Egypt Divided as New Constitution Takes Effect


News Wrap: In Egypt, Draft Constitution Passes in Referendum


ElBaradei: Egypt's Draft Constitution Will 'Institutionalize Instability'


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